Why opt for a conventional romantic date night and leave your beloved furry companion at home feeling left out? This Valentine’s Day, throw the conventional out the window and dive paw-first into a world where love knows no species. Imagine swapping candlelit dinners for tail-wagging adventures in the city’s heart. From romantic boat rides to vineyard tours where your dog is the esteemed guest, Melbourne is brimming with experiences. So, why not make this Valentine’s one for the books with the real love of your life by your side. Explore the best dog-friendly romantic adventures Melbourne has to offer?

90s Romance Under the Stars at St Kilda Sunlit Cinema

Relive the magic of the ultimate 90s rom-com. ’10 Things I Hate About You,’ set in the picturesque St Kilda Botanical Gardens. Picture relaxing among the vibrant greenery, with your cherished dog and partner beside you, beneath a sky twinkling with stars. This isn’t you ordinary movie night. It’s a nostalgic journey through heartfelt declarations and whimsical love stories, all set against the peaceful backdrop of St Kilda. Get ready a Valentine’s Day brimming with nature, laughter, and happy tail wags.

Dog at outdoor dog-friendly cinema

Captain Your Adventure with GoBoats on the Yarra

Set sail on a Valentine’s Day adventure with GoBoats along the Yarra River. Steering your own boat, enjoy the blend of romance and fun that comes from a day on the water. Perfect for couples, this self-drive boat hire is simple and enjoyable. An intimate and memorable river picnic, for creating special moments with your partner and furry friend.

Lady ad dog enjoying GoBoat on the Yarra

Tour Yarra Valley’s Wineries with Pooches and Pinot: A Four-Legged VIP Experience

Dive into a Yarra Valley adventure with Pooches and Pinot, where traditional wine tours get a dog-friendly twist. Imagine a private journey through wine country, welcoming wagging tails at every stop. Enjoy VIP treatment at wineries that cherish both fine wines and the joy of your pooch’s company.

Dog at Winery

‘The Notebook’ at Moonlight Cinema: A Night at Royal Botanical Gardens

Experience a magical night at the Moonlight Cinema in the Royal Botanical Gardens with ‘The Notebook.’ Snuggle under the stars with your dog and immerse yourself in the romance of this timeless love story. It’s an evening filled with deep emotions and unforgettable memories, ideal for spending with your furry best friend.

Moonlight Cinemas at the Royal Botanical Gardens

Punting on the Lake Before at the Royal Botanical Gardens

Before movie night with ‘The Notebook’ begins, treat yourselves to a serene boat ride with ‘Punting on the Lake.’ Glide across the picturesque lake at the Botanical Gardens in this tranquil journey, the ideal romantic treat. It’s a chance to bond amidst nature’s beauty, creating the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

A Picnic and a Stroll in Melbourne’s Dog-Friendly Parks

For those who appreciate simplicity, consider a homemade picnic paired with an off-leash walk in one of Melbourne’s parks. Fawkner Park in South Yarra, Caulfield Park, and Quarries Park in Clifton Hill provide ample space for a tranquil picnic in a peaceful setting. With designated off-leash areas, these parks give your dog the liberty to explore and play, offering a laid-back but memorable way to enjoy the day. Find more off-leash parks and beaches in Melbourne.

Melbourne is brimming with opportunities to make Valentine’s Day special for you and your dog. Whether it’s a romantic movie under the stars, a VIP winery tour, a self-captained boat ride, or a peaceful picnic, these activities promise a day filled with love, laughter, and wagging tails.