Are you and your four-legged friend in search of the perfect playground? Look no further than Fawkner Park off-leash areas, a crown jewel among dog parks in South Yarra. This dog-friendly park offers something for every breed, age, and size, whether a local or just visiting; a stroll through Fawkner Park should be on your "dog-walking" itinerary.

This magnificent park, sprawling over 142,000 sqm, caters to every dog's (and owner's) preferences. Choose from multiple large areas for your furry friend to socialise and play off-leash. Or is a quiet one-on-one time more your style? You can find a calm area for training sessions, a picnic, or to sit under a tree with your dog and a good book.

Off-Leash Area of Fawkner Park, South Yarra

Fawkner Park's lush greenery and peaceful atmosphere set the scene for a lovely day out. The expansive lawns provide ample space for relaxation and recreation. And if you're looking for shade, there's always a cool, shady spot under one of its majestic trees. Please keep in mind, though, that some parts of the park face main roads like Toorak Rd and Commercial Rd. If your dog doesn’t have a good recall, it's worth venturing deeper into the park.

One of the many Off-Leash areas in Fawkner Park, South Yarra

Lead your pup along the park's relaxing loop trails when embarking on your dog-walking adventure. Stretching up to 2.7km, these paths stretch through breathtaking greenery, including an array of lined majestic fig trees. While these walks require your furry friend to be on a leash, they present a perfect balance of structured strolling and off-leash amusement, all within a single visit to the park. So, you can enjoy a leash-guided exploration and later unleash the fun in one unforgettable park session.

Off-Leash Park Amenities at Fawkner Park

Explore the thoughtful amenities Fawkner Park offers to ensure a delightful and convenient experience for both you and your canine companion:

Off-leash Park Amenities

  • Water Fountain Stations: Positioned throughout the park, ensure your dog stays well-hydrated.
  • Dog Bag Dispensers: Conveniently located near many park bins, these dispensers are regularly restocked by Melbourne Council. But as a precaution, it's wise to bring your own bags.
  • Ample Seating: Numerous benches are available for you to relax and keep an eye on your dog.
  • Evening Path Lighting: The paths are well-lit after dusk, ensuring safe walks for you and your canine companion.

On-leash Park Amenities

  • Public Toilets: With three accessible public toilets in the park, your comfort is taken care of.
  • BBQ and Picnic Spaces: These areas are great for a day out, though dogs should be kept on a leash here.
  • Children's Playground: A fun area for kids to play, ensuring a family-friendly environment for all visitors.

Picnic areas and BBQs found across Fawkner Park, South Yarra

For sports enthusiasts, Fawkner Park holds a rich sporting history since 1862. From cricket, football, softball, and even quidditch, these areas welcome dogs off-leash so your pet can join the fun. Additionally,

Location & Visiting Fawkner Park Off-Leash Area

Parking near Fawkner Park can be limited, so exploring some back street options such as Parsley Street or Slater St & Armadale St off St Kilda Rd is best. Limited metered parking is available on St Kilda Rd and Toorak Rd, and Commercial Rd offers 2-hour paid parking Monday to Saturday (free on Sundays).

Public transport is another convenient option. Multiple lines stop close by, and small dogs can accompany you on trams in a suitable animal container. Take a short 2-minute walk from tram numbers 3, 5, 6, 16, 64, 67, and 72 on St Kilda Rd, tram 58 on Toorak Rd, and tram 72 at the corner of Punt and Commercial Rd to reach the park and its off-leash areas. Check out Yarra Trams for more info.


Is all of Fawkner Park off-lead?

Fawkner Park offers an expansive off-lead area, with over 35 of its 101 acres designated for dogs to roam freely. The off-leash zone stretches across the entire southern boundary along Commercial Road and extends along the park's eastern side. While dogs are welcome throughout Fawkner Park, they must be on a leash outside these off-leash sections. The areas requiring leashes are especially appreciated by visitors looking for a tranquil walk through the park, providing a peaceful escape for pet owners and furry friends. Refer to the map above for more details.

What is the history of Fawkner Park?

The Bunurong people originally inhabited the land, and it was a known camping spot for Aboriginal communities. As we enjoy the park today, it's important to pay respects to these traditional owners and acknowledge the deep history and significance of the land. Sadly, the arrival of European settlers disrupted this, pushing the Indigenous communities off their lands.

Established in 1862 and named after Melbourne co-founder John Pascoe Fawkner, the park was part of the city's bigger plan. Melbourne was growing fast due to the gold rush, so the city needed more green spaces. Fawkner Park was one of those spaces created to ensure people had a place to relax outdoors.

During World War II, the park served as barracks for the Australian Women's Army Service (AWAS), which filled essential non-combat roles, freeing up men for the front lines. After the war, the park returned to its day job as a green haven with an added layer of rich history.

The park maintains its 19th-century design ethos, with vast open spaces perfect for a game of fetch or casual strolls. Although it has been updated over the years, it remains a vital, historical part of Melbourne's landscape.