Tails are wagging all over South Yarra, and there’s one main reason – Thomas Oval Dog Park. Opened in October 2022, this fenced off-leash dog park has quickly become a favourite hangout for dogs and their owners. The park stretches over an area of 4600 sqm, a generous size for an urban, fenced retreat.

It is thoughtfully designed to host two distinct zones: the 'active zone' and 'quiet zone'. The active zone is intended for those lively dogs ready to burn off energy. On the other hand, the quiet zone is perfect for less active and smaller dogs who prefer a more tranquil environment to sniff, explore, and play.

Quiet Zone At Thomas Oval Dog Park, South Yarra

A Multi-Sensory Playground

Thomas Oval Dog Park is a sensory paradise for dogs. The park’s layout includes turf, sandpit, and bark areas, each adding to the diverse sensory experience for your four-legged friend. The sandpits in both zones are a real treat for dogs who can't resist a good dig. There's also a variety of flora to stimulate your dog's nose - from grass and trees to shrubs and flowers.

Dog Playing in sandpit at Thomas Oval Dog Park, South Yarra

While the park's planted trees are still young and offer little shade, the park has thoughtfully included shaded seating areas for warm sunny days. Multiple seating options also ensure you can find a comfortable spot to watch your dog play.

Dog-Friendly Surroundings

In the picturesque backdrop of Como Park North and the Main Yarra Trail, dog owners can extend their outings with leisurely strolls before or after the dog park. The nearby Kanteen Cafe adds to the charm, allowing you to recharge with a treat as your furry friend rests by your side.

Cafe located at Como Park along the Yarra trail, and acrss the road for Thomas Oval Dog Park

Fenced Dog Park Amenities at Thomas Oval

Thomas Oval Dog Park provides a mostly enjoyable experience for both dogs and their owners. Within the Fenced Dog Park:

  • "Active" Zone: An energetic area for lively pups to burn off steam.
  • "Quiet" Zone: A tranquil environment for calmer, less active dogs to sniff, explore and play at their own relaxed pace.
  • Dog water stations: dedicated water fountains in main and small dog park sections.
  • Digging Pits: Sandy areas perfect for dogs who love digging and burrowing to their heart's content.
  • Grassy Lounging Areas: Lush green spaces ideal for dogs to sprawl out and relax.
  • Bark Gardens: Areas with diverse shrubs and flora to stimulate your dog's sense of smell.
  • Shaded Seating: Covered seating areas protecting owners from the sun while their pup plays.
  • Double-Gated Entries: A secure double-gate entry system to prevent any escape artists.

Just outside the enclosed dog park area:

  • Dog Bag Dispensers: Conveniently located dog bag dispensers for easy clean-up.
  • No Waste Bins: Unfortunately no bins within the fenced off-leash areas for disposing waste.

Bag Station At Thomas Oval Dog Park, South Yarra

Location & Visiting

Thomas Oval Fenced Dog Park is nestled inside the tranquil Como Park, South Yarra. Running alongside the scenic Main Yarra Trail, the park is perfectly positioned for pet owners looking to combine an off-leash play session with a serene riverside walk.

Getting to the park is a visual treat in itself. It's accessible via a charming wooden boardwalk from Alexandra Avenue. Alternatively, you could take the stairs from Como Park, offering you a chance to appreciate the surrounding beauty from a different vantage point.

Map of the Thomas Oval Dog Park

Parking is available along Alexander Avenue or Williams Road North. It can get rather busy on Friday afternoons and over the weekend, so it's advisable to plan your trip accordingly. Or better yet, why not make it a walking adventure, especially if you live nearby?

For those relying on public transportation, the 605 bus conveniently stops by Como Park. Pet owners with smaller dogs will be delighted to know that they're welcome on board, provided they're housed in a suitable animal container. Visit Public Transport Victoria for more details.

History & Culture

Situated on lands cherished by the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Bunurong peoples of the East Kulin nation. Como Park North's beginnings trace back to swamplands. In 1847, Sir Edward Williams acquired this terrain, naming it after Italy's Lake Como, where he had proposed to his wife, Jessie. Over time, the lake evolved into a swamp due to the Yarra River's lowering levels. In 1921, Prahran Council transformed this swampy expanse into a public recreation ground by 1934. Today, it continues to serve the community with sporting areas, gardens, and the notable Thomas Oval Dog Park.