Put on your sailor's hat and get ready for a fun-filled adventure on the Yarra River with GoBoat Melbourne! This dog-friendly experience lets you, your dog, and up to eight friends explore the river on an eco-friendly electric picnic boat. The self-drive boat hire on the Yarra River is designed for ease, welcoming both seasoned sailors and first-timers alike.

In Melbourne's heart, GoBoat introduces a distinctive picnic experience aboard their electric boats. Each vessel is equipped with a central picnic table, perfect for a BYO picnic. This setup combines the picturesque views of Melbourne's riverscapes with the pleasure of dining and laughing with loved ones, including your furry friends.

Available for booking throughout the year for 1-4 hour slots, you have the freedom to explore the Yarra River from the city to Hawthorn at your leisure. So, assemble your group, prepare your picnic basket, and set off on a dog-friendly cruise along the Yarra River. This journey offers more than a simple outing; it's an adventure that highlights Melbourne's allure and commitment to sustainability.

Dog enjoying GoBoat hire in Melbourne

Key Details for GoBoat First-Timers (FAQs)

How many people can the boat accommodate?

Up to 8 people can comfortably fit on the boat.

Can I bring food on the GoBoat?

Yes, guests are encouraged to bring their preferred snacks and meals aboard. The design includes a central table that simplifies dining on the water, making every outing a delightful social occasion.

What is the cruising speed of the GoBoat?

The boats cruise at a relaxed pace of 4 knots (around 6-7 km/h), designed for a license-free and easy-to-handle boating experience.

Does GoBoat provide life jackets?

Life jackets for adults, alongside all necessary safety equipment, are provided. Guests can request life jackets for children and babies before boarding, since the boats do not store them. While the law does not mandate dog life jackets, owners can bring one for their pet's safety.

Can guests consume alcohol on the GoBoat?

The designated skipper, responsible for navigating the boat, must maintain a blood alcohol concentration of 0.00% and remain sober. Other passengers can responsibly enjoy alcohol, limited to up to 2 drinks per person.

Are pets allowed on all GoBoats?

GoBoat Melbourne warmly welcomes pets, especially dogs, on their standard boats, offering a dog-friendly experience in Melbourne. However, it's important to note that the GoBoat Luxe model does not allow pets.

Location and Visiting GoBoat Melbourne

GoBoat Melbourne launches its adventures from Banana Alley, strategically situated opposite Southbank and beside the Sandridge Bridge. Due to its high popularity, securing a booking in advance is a smart move to ensure participants don't miss out on this unique dog-friendly experience in Melbourne.

Southgate Carpark and Eureka Carpark are convenient options for parking near the departure point. Meanwhile, for those preferring public transport or arriving on foot, Flinders Street Station is a mere three-minute walk away, making access to this eco-friendly boat hire experience both easy and hassle-free.