Embark on a journey through the Yarra Valley's heart with the exclusive Pooches & Pinot tours. These dog-friendly wine tours combine a passion for wine and dogs into a unique, memorable experience. Spend a day enjoying fine wine tasting, breathtaking scenery, and the delightful company of your dog. Pooches & Pinot raises the bar for exclusivity, accommodating up to seven guests and their dogs. Every destination and activity is thoughtfully chosen, guaranteeing a warm welcome for both you and your furry friend.

Dog friendly wine yours in Yarra Valley

The VIP dog-friendly wine tour experience

Transportation is nothing short of luxurious. With comfortable Mercedes vans equipped to seat guests and their dogs in style. Choose from a Half Day, Full Day, or the lavish Progressive Degustation Tour. Each offers a distinctive way to discover the Yarra Valley's celebrated dog-friendly wineries, enhancing your wine-tasting journey with every sip and sight.

The charm and commitment of the owners and guides are clearly evident. They always strive to make your dog-friendly wine tour as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. Their passion for creating a memorable experience for dog lovers and wine enthusiast alike is evident in every detail, making Pooches & Pinot a must-visit for those who cherish both their pets and a fine glass of wine.

For a truly VIP dog-friendly wine touring experience, there's no comparison. Pooches & Pinot is more than just a tour. It's an exclusive Yarra Valley wine experience that welcomes dogs, making every moment a shared joy between you and your pet. Whether you're a seasoned wine lover or new to the vineyard scene, this is an adventure that promises not just tastes and sights, but the heartwarming companionship of your dog by your side.