Discover a magical evening of cinema under the stars at Sunset Cinema, set within the enchanting St Kilda Botanical Gardens. This outdoor and dog-friendly cinema brings together the latest releases and beloved classics. With cozy seating options and a tempting array of snacks and drinks, it offers an unforgettable movie night for you and your four-legged companions.

A Blend of New and Classic Movies

Each night, a new story unfolds under the starlit sky, ranging from the latest cinematic treasures to cherished classics. Picture the whimsy of "Wonka" for family night. Enjoy the camaraderie of "Mean Girls" for a friends' gathering. Relive the timeless romance of "10 Things I Hate About You" for Valentine's Day. Dive into the compelling narratives of "The Boys in The Boat" and "Poor Things." The selection caters to all tastes, featuring both new releases and timeless classics.

Cinema Snacks & Food Truck Treats

Snacking Essentials: Classic cinema snacks like freshly popped popcorn, creamy Bulla choc-tops, and assorted candies are available for purchase.

Dining Options: For those seeking more substantial feed, a food truck graces the venue on select nights, though attendees are also welcomed to bring their own picnic.

Beverage Selection: The cinema offers a premium selection of Manly Spirits, Oxford Landing wines, BentSpoke craft beers, and Heaps Normal non-alcoholic beers, alongside soft drinks and water, ensuring a refreshing companion to the movie experience. It's important to note that Sunset Cinema is a fully licensed venue, and BYO alcohol is not permitted.

Enhancing the Experience with Comfort and Style

A variety of seating options are available—including large outdoor beanbags and charming beach chairs. Guests are also welcome to bring their own seating. However, a thoughtful reminder: please consider the viewing experience of others around you.

For an elevated experience, the Sunset Lounge upgrade offers premium bean loungers in an exclusive area. An added extra for prime viewing with the added bonus of bottomless popcorn.

Sunset Cinema uses wireless headphones to ensure crystal clear sound for all attendees.

A Welcoming Dog-Friendly Cinema

Embracing the spirit of a dog-friendly cinema, Sunset Cinema warmly welcomes dogs. As films light up the screen, your leashed furry friends can join in the fun, highlighting the cinema's dedication to inclusivity and shared experiences. Remember to keep the area clean for everyone to enjoy.