Just a hop, skip, and a wag away from the bustling Acland Street and the serene St Kilda Beach, you'll stumble upon Peanut Farm Reserve. While the name may evoke images of monkeys jumping about, rest assured, this spot is all about unbridled, tail-wagging, off-leash dog fun in the vibrant heart of St. Kilda.

As the sun dips lower on Friday afternoons, the reserve transforms into a social hub. Picture this: familiar faces, dogs of all sizes frolicking around, fold-out chairs dotting the grounds, and glasses of wine reflecting the warm hues of the setting sun. It's not just a park visit; it's a weekly gathering celebrating the boundless joys of dog companionship.

Dogs playing at Peanut Fram St Kilda

Dog-Friendly Market

The first Saturday of every month holds a special treat. The air, rich with the scent of fresh produce and oven-baked delights from the Veg Out Farmers Market, has many a dog (and owner) salivating in anticipation. And if you've ever wondered how to make your dog's day? Well, more often than not, there's a stall laden with drool-worthy pet treats. One whiff and watch as the famed "happy dog dance" ensues.

Some Warnings to Note

At its core, the dog off-leash reserve is a partially fenced football oval. Although it is mostly fenced, gaps in the gate can become the perfect escape route for the more mischievous dog.

The oval wears many hats — from hosting joyous doggy playdates to intense football and cricket matches. With such a diverse lineup, it's prudent to be aware of scheduled sporting events to avoid canine-fielder misunderstandings. For the most up-to-date schedule on games and training times, a handy link is available.

Dogs playing at Peanut Farm Off-Leash St Kilda

On those sun-kissed Melbourne days, a word to the wise: while the reserve boasts plenty of trees skirting its borders, the central oval area comes up short on shade. So, brace yourself with a wide-brimmed hat and a generous slathering of sunscreen. Though it's evident the grounds receive tender care, nature has its way of making its mark. Following one of Melbourne's hearty downpours, the oval may dabble in its best impression of a mud spa. An absolute dream for golden retrievers looking to indulge — but perhaps a wee bit daunting for the two-legged pals anticipating the impending cleanup. If you find youself leaving with a muddy dog, Pet Barn DIY Dog Wash in St Kilda is not too far away.

Park Facilities

Utility and fun go hand-in-paw here. Surrounding the oval are handy bins, ensuring your pup's playtimes are both fun and clean. And if a day at the park gives you those BBQ cravings, the reserve has got you covered with BBQs and seating around the ground.

For the sporty human counterparts, cricket cages, basketball, and netball courts stand ready for action. But remember, while dogs love a good ball game, make sure to observe on-leash and off-leash rules, and perhaps, resist the temptation to use a cricket ball as a fetch toy!

Culture & History

The very land this park graces has deep roots. Historically, St Kilda belongs to the Yaluk-ut Weelam clan of the Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation, a legacy and heritage that enhances the park's significance.


Finding a spot to park your car can sometimes feel like finding a bone in the backyard - challenging, especially during weekends and Friday nights. While the parking surrounds the park, it's ticketed in the evenings and on weekends, with a relatively high hourly price tag.

The park is abuzz between 10 am-4 pm on weekends and 3 pm-5 pm on weekdays. So, if you prefer a quieter outing, you might want to pick other timings.