Melbourne's coastline offers some idyllic settings for leisurely walks, and the Altona and Seaholme section of Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail, also known as Bay Trail West, is no exception. Perfectly designed for those who cherish a scenic seaside experience, this Melbourne dog friendly walking trail promises both you and your pup a memorable day out.

Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail or Bay Trail West Altona Map

Spanning just over 6.5km, this on-leash trail maintains a mostly flat terrain, ensuring a pleasant walk irrespective of one's fitness. Since it's a shared space, cyclists and pedestrians alike will share your journey; hence, a short leash for your canine companion is recommended.

The trail passes though a few reserves areas with much native conservation (be mindful of snakes in shrub areas during summer months), with the majority follwing tree lined beach side. The trail truly shines during sunrise and sunset, casting a golden hue over the bay and its surroundings.

City View along Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail in Altona

With parts of the path offering a generous canopy of trees, the shade is a blessing during sunny spells. Nonetheless, certain stretches lack this natural shield. Additionally, given its proximity to the bay, be prepared for occasional gusty winds.

Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail in Altona by Doug Grant Reserve Fenced Dog Park

Amenities Along This Dog-Friendly Trail

The trail caters to both human and canine needs:

  • Water Stations: Keep your dog hydrated with strategically located water stations.
  • Waste Management: Clean-up is a breeze with provided bins. Although bag dispensers are present, bring extras from home.
  • Seating: Scattered seating offers rest spots, doubling up as vantage points for picturesque bay views.
  • Public Toilets: Strategically positioned toilets ensure your comfort during the walk.

Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail along Altona coast

Off-Leash Detours

If you fancy a break from the leash, several nearby spots promise unrestrained fun:

Altona Dog Beach

Renowned as one the best dog beaches in Melbourne. Altona Dog Beach is loved for its shallow waters that cater to dogs big and small. Even for timid first-timers, the gentle waves provide a serene introduction to beach adventures.

Dogs and owner walking far out into the shallow waters at Altona Dog Beach

P A Burns Reserve Fenced Dog Park

Located right next to Altona Dog Beach, P.A. Burns Reserve is more than just an open space. Its lush, green landscape serves as a delightful playground where dogs can explore, play, and make new furry friends in a secure environment.

Dog Playing at P A Burns Reserve Fenced Doag Park in Altona

Doug Grant Reserve Fenced Dog Park

Covering a vast area of 115,000 sqm, this dog park in Altona is not just a space but a community spot. Frequented by local dog enthusiasts, it's an ideal place for socializing, with ample room for dogs to run, play, and indulge in their playful antics.

Dog playing at Doug Grant Reserve Fenced Dog Park

Seasonal Altona Beach Fun (May 1st to October 31st)

Between May 1st and October 31st, Altona Beach transforms into a canine paradise. As restrictions lift, dogs can run off-lead, play fetch, and revel in the sandy expanses, feeling the cool sand and refreshing waves against their paws.

Culture & History

Journeying on this trail, you're walking on the ancestral grounds of the Yalukit-willam clan, part of the Kulin nation. This clan's spiritual bond with Hobsons Bay deepens the significance of your stroll, with ancient shell middens revealing stories of bygone eras.

Location & Visiting

Situated in Altona, the trial seamlessly extends to Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail Williamstown towards the city and stretches to Altona Meadows in the opposite direction. For those driving, a mix of free and timed parking options are peppered along the trail. Always observe local signage to ensure correct parking.