Tucked away in the heart of Altona lies The Bark Bakery, a place that beckons all dog lovers and their furry companions. As you enter, you're not just stepping into a dog food grocer, but a warm and loving environment dedicated to celebrating the bond between humans and their pets.

Greeted by the ever-enthusiastic owners, their genuine passion for what they do is immediately palpable. Their every gesture, from the way they interact with the visiting pets to the pride with which they present their treats, underscores their love for the canine community.

Mackerel dog treats from The Bark Bakery in Altona

As you peruse the shelves, what catches the eye is the wide array of treats. Each one, be it a baked goodie or a dehydrated snack, is crafted with a commitment to quality. The Bark Bakery's insistence on using only 100% human-grade ingredients is a testament to this dedication. These treats, while crafted from familiar proteins like beef, chicken, kangaroo, seafood, and pork, stand out in their purity and taste. Sourced from reliable Australian producers, these ingredients ensure that every bite is free from unnecessary additives or preservatives.

Now, let's talk specialties. Their baked dog cupcake or birthday cakes are loved by customer. At The Bark Bakery, these aren’t just products; they're pieces of art. Each one, intricately decorated, almost urges you to take a snapshot before your pup digs in.

Pig ear treat from The Bark Bakery in Altona

Not living in Altona? No worries. The wonders of The Bark Bakery aren't confined to its brick-and-mortar presence. Their user-friendly online store bridges the gap, delivering a slice of Altona's canine paradise to doorsteps across Australia. Whether you're from the sandy shores of Queensland or the bustling lanes of Sydney, a package from The Bark Bakery promises pure, unadulterated joy for your furry friend.

Location & Visiting

The Bark Bakery  is inn the heart of Altona main street. It's just off Pier Street's busy shopping area. Busses 411 and 412 stop right outside. Altona Station on the Werribee line is two minutes away. If travelling on public transport with your dog, check the PTV website of rules on traveling with pets. Planning a day with your pooch? The location is perfect. A 5-minute drive leads to Altona Dog Beach. You can also visit PA Burns Reserve Dog Park. Doug Grant Reserve Dog Park is another option.