Altona has always had its fair share of beautiful spots, with P.A. Burns Reserve Fenced Dog Park now shining as a top dog-friendly gem. Emerging from a $4.1 million revamp in 2022, what was once a humble off-leash area has been thoughtfully redesigned. The park, now approximately 26,000 sq m, boasts a carefully planned layout for our four-legged friends.

Dog Playing at P A Burns Reserve Fenced Doag Park in Altona

One of the standout features of Altona Dog Park is its unique design. Split into two distinct sections by a fence, it offers the flexibility that few parks can boast. Whether it's for grounds maintenance or to let the grass breathe and rejuvenate, visitors can be diverted away from without diminishing the overall park experience. This thoughtful planning ensures that our dogs can enjoy a lush, green environment year-round.

Furthermore, this division has another advantage. Ever felt the need for a change in scenery, or perhaps you've encountered a particularly boisterous group that's a tad too much for your pup? Simply slip through the gate to the other section. It's like transporting your pet to an entirely new playground at the mere flick of a gate. Though the fences and gates aren't quite as sturdy as Fort Knox, they effectively do their job, ensuring our pets' safety with the added security of double-gated entries.

Double gated entry at P A Burns Reserve Fenced Dog Park in Altona

Navigating through this fenced Dog Park in Altona is a breeze thanks to the smoothly-paved concrete path looping through both sections. This pathway offers seamless connectivity to the Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail and the loved Altona dog beach. The proximity to the beach is an added bonus, giving dog owners the choice to let their pets play in the park or enjoy a splash in the ocean waves.

Concrete walking path at P A Burns Reserve Fenced Dog Park in Altona

Nature lovers can also appreciate the park’s more organic features. Patches of shade provided by native trees are perfect for relaxation, while various shrubs and bushes dot the landscape, adding a touch of wild beauty.

Shaded seating at P A Burns Reserve Fenced Dog Park in Altona

Safety Note

While the bushes enhance the park's aesthetic appeal, they come with a word of caution. During the summer months, snakes might fancy these green pockets. So, always keep an eye out when your furry friend is near the shrubs.

Dog Park Amenities at P A Burns Reserve

The Altona Dog Park isn't just vast spaces and green fields; it's also packed with handy amenities to enhance your and your furry friend's experience.

  • Bag Dispensers: Free dog bag dispensers are available for clean-ups. However, due to high demand, they might occasionally run out. Always wise to bring an extra bag!
  • Water Fountains: Stay hydrated! Water fountains are positioned outside the fenced area, ideal for filling up your dog bowls or bottles.
  • Wash Stations: Water stations and dog shower taps located just outside the fence. Quick and easy for a rinse.
  • Seating Benches: Dotted along the park's paths, perfect for a brief rest or to simply enjoy watching the playful antics.

Water Station at P A Burns Reserve Fenced Dog Park in Altona

A Bit of History & Culture

The Doug Grant Reserve is more than just a recreational space; it's a place steeped in cultural heritage. Historically, this land was the traditional territory of the Yalukit-willam clan, part of the greater Boon Wurrung people. As we enjoy its beauty and offerings, it's vital to recognise and honour the profound connection and legacy of the Boon Wurrung to this land.

Location & Visiting P A Burns Reserve 

Situated in a prime spot, this fenced Dog Park in Altona is a favourite for many, drawing in locals and visitors alike. On sunny weekday afternoons and during weekends, you'll find the park buzzing with activity. However, thanks to its expansive size, you can always find a quieter nook for some solitude with your furry friend.

For those driving in, a spacious new car park is conveniently located outside the Pines Scout Camp, offering ample parking spots for visitors. For those who fancy a scenic dog walk, the park offers an added advantage. It's directly connected to Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail, making it a picturesque pit stop or starting point for your journey.