Cherry Lake boasts a scenic dog-friendly walking trail in Altona that promises an engaging walk for both you and your furry friend. The 3.7 km loop trail is straightforward, with a mostly flat terrain that makes it accessible and perfect for a leisurely stroll.

Lake view with refineries at Cherry Lake Altona

While you and your dog enjoy the diverse scents along the path, you'll also appreciate the picturesque views of the lake, home to a rich variety of birdlife. The presence of industrial refineries in the distance might strike as an unusual backdrop, but it certainly doesn't detract from the overall ambiance. If anything, it adds a touch of contemporary contrast to nature's canvas.

However, a word to the wise, the trail can get quite busy, especially over the weekends. It's a shared space between walkers and cyclists, so it's always a good idea to keep your dog's leash short, ensuring everyone's safety. And if you're planning your walk during the summer months, be sure to stay vigilant for snakes.

Dog friendly path along Cherry Lake Altona

Fancy a bit of shopping after your stroll? Don’t forget to check out the Lions Club Sunday Market, which runs from 8 am to 2 pm on the first Sunday of every month. It’s a delightful way to end your 'dog walk in Altona' experience.

Amenities Along This Dog-Friendly Trail

When visiting Cherry Lake for your dog-friendly trail experience, you'll find a range of amenities thoughtfully placed to enhance your outing. Most of these facilities are conveniently located around the parking lot off Millers Rd and Fresno Street.

  • Seating: There’s plenty of seating dotted around the track, perfect for taking breaks and enjoying the view.
  • Public Toilets: Two public toilets ensure that you won't be caught short during your visit.
  • Water Stations: Before starting your dog walk in Altona, you can fill up at the water stations, ensuring your furry friend stays hydrated throughout.
  • Dog Bag Dispensers: There are dispensers available, though occasionally they might be empty. It's always a good idea to bring some from home, just in case.
  • Bins: Tidiness is a breeze with numerous bins located around the area.
  • BBQs: Fancy a post-walk barbecue? Facilities are at the ready.
  • Picnic Tables: Dine in style with available picnic tables, some of which are covered to shield you from the elements.
  • Playgrounds: For those visiting with kids, playgrounds ensure a fun-filled time for everyone.

BBQ area at Cherry Lake Altona

Culture & History

Walking the trails of Cherry Lake means stepping onto the ancient lands of the Yalukit-willam clan, part of the Kulin nation.

Originally, this space was a 101-hectare wetland, shaped by the waters of Kororoit and Cherry’s Creek. European settlers, including its namesake William Cherry, used these waters for their livestock. An interesting fact: Cherry wasn’t just into farming, but also supplied horses to the British Army in India.

At one point, there was even talk of turning Cherry Lake into a race circuit for the 1964 Australian Grand Prix. But instead, Sandown got the nod. The lake took on a new role: preventing floods in Altona and Brooklyn. It worked hand-in-hand with Truganina Swamp and Kororoit Creek for this purpose.

Location & Visiting

Situated in Altona, Cherry Lake is a mere 18km southwest of Melbourne CBD. Its charm does mean it can become quite the hotspot, especially on weekends.

For those driving, main parking is available just off Millers Rd. Additional parking spots can be found on Fresno Street and the adjacent back streets.

If you're opting for public transport, several bus lines stop right at the park's doorstep on Millers Rd: the 411, 412, 415, and 903. For those with small canine companions, travelling on these buses is a breeze, provided your pet is in a suitable animal container. For detailed guidelines on taking your furry friend on public transport, check out PTV's official guidelines.