Imagine a place where you can feel the cool bay breeze on your face, watch daredevil skydivers paint the sky, and let your dog run off-leash. No, you're not daydreaming; welcome to Elwood fenced dog park! This dog-friendly delight is more than just your average dog park; it's an experience for both humans and canines alike.

Dogs playin at Moran Reserve Fenced Dog Park

Sprawling across 5,000 sq meters of fenced territory and a further 17,000 sq meters of unfenced greenery, this park caters to all – from the safety-conscious pet parent to those with an adventurous streak. This fenced dog park in Elwood, adjacent to the bay, boasts double-gated entrances, giving you peace of mind while your fur-buddy revels in the freedom. As you might imagine, the views from this vantage point are pure postcard perfection. Whether you're letting your dog run amok or sitting back on the numerous benches, it's the perfect backdrop for any outing.

Dogs playin at Moran Reserve Fenced Dog Park

Our four-legged friends have bushes and plants to nose around, providing a sensory treat. And, for the two-legged visitors, there are compact gravel paths making strolls comfortable. Despite the council's best efforts, the grass in the fenced area shows wear, testament to its popularity among its four-legged enthusiasts.

Venture out to the unfenced area, and it's a spectacle of activities. From skydivers gracefully descending to gym enthusiasts getting their workout, it's the place where the community comes alive. You might even catch the beats of a music festival or see a group settled in, ready to witness the mesmerising bayside sunset.

Safety tips:

Marine Parade runs close, so if your dog is more squirrel-chaser than obedient walker, you might want to play it safe in the fenced area. But if you trust their recall, the open, lush grass of the unfenced area awaits. While the bay brings in the breezy vibes (sometimes a tad too breezy), it skimps on the shade. So, flaunt that hat and slap on some sunscreen on sunny days to avoid the crispy lobster look.

Dog Park Amenities

This fenced dog park in Elwood caters splendidly to the needs of its visitors. Alongside the convenient double-gated entries, there’s a water station for your dog's hydration needs, and for the eco-conscious, bag stations just outside the gates ensure that keeping the place clean is a breeze. And here's a community touch that's bound to make you smile – a ball collection basket! Because, let’s face it, dogs are bound to drop a ball (or two) in the excitement.

Culture and History

While our dogs might be most interested in the myriad scents and fellow canines, the dog park carries a legacy that spans centuries. This land, this serene slice of paradise, traditionally belongs to the Yaluk-ut Weelam clan of the Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation. As you and your furry friend explore, take a moment to acknowledge and honor this profound heritage.

Location & Visiting

Nestled comfortably in Elwood and bordering St Kilda, the dog park's position is prime. But with greatness comes popularity. Summers witness a spike in visitors, especially between 11 am and 5 pm on weekends. Parking on Marine Parade can be a challenge on sun-kissed days. But fret not! Many park enthusiasts opt to leave their cars in the back streets and take a scenic walk down the Elster Canal Path or the Bay Trail. It's a win-win: a little exercise, a lot of beauty, and a sure-shot parking spot!