The Bay Trail in Elwood is a section of the expansive trail that stretches from Port Melbourne to Seaford. This particular stretch in Elwood is a mostly flat path, making it paw-sitively perfect for a breezy walk. This dog-friendly trail closely follows the shoreline, allowing you to breathe in the refreshing sea air as you pass through the foreshore parkland. What sets the Bay Trail in Elwood apart as especially dog-friendly? The pathway thoughtfully divides into separate lanes for pedestrians and cyclists, so no more dodging bikes while managing a leash. However, stay alert when crossing the bike lanes to avoid a collision.

This path is generally quieter than the connecting St Kilda Bay Trail, although the paths are narrow and frequented by fast-paced joggers and walkers.

Bay Trail Elwood Map

Pet-Friendly Pit Stops

Along your walk, you'll pass by Point Ormond Lookout, a go-to spot for stunning views of Melbourne’s skyline. Make a pit stop at the BeachShack Elwood to sip on a coffee or enjoy a milkshake while your dog engages in some serious people or dog-watching.

Dogs on the Bay Trail in Elwood

Prepare For The Weather

The sun here can be harsh, and there are no trees for shade. Sunscreen for you and sunblock for your dog's sensitive areas are must-haves. On windy days, you might consider skipping this dog-friendly walking trail, as the winds can whip up sand, making for an uncomfortable outing.

Amenities Along This Dog-Friendly Trail

  • Water Stations: No matter the pace you set, keeping hydrated is paramount. Thoughtfully placed water stations dot the trail, ensuring both you and your pup can quench your thirst as you traverse the picturesque path.
  • Waste Management: While enjoying the trail, it's vital to keep it clean for the next person (and pup!). Thankfully, there are plenty of bins dotted along the trail for you to dispose of those not-so-pleasant poo bags. Just a heads-up: there aren't any bag dispensers available, so do remember to pack your own before heading out.
  • Seating: Whether you're looking for a moment to soak in the views or fancy a quick selfie with Melbourne's iconic skyline as your backdrop, the trail's abundant seating areas come in handy.
  • Public Toilets: Nature's call isn't reserved for our four-legged friends alone. Thankfully, the trail boasts well-maintained public toilets, so you can continue your walk with ease and comfort.

Off-Leash Detours

From April 1 to October 31, certain beach areas around the trail allow dogs to run off-leash. All year round, however, you have the option of:

M.O. Moran Reserve Fenced Dog Park & Off-Leash Area Elwood

This dog park in Elwood boasts a spacious play area, bayside breezes, and secure fencing for a carefree play. Enjoy views of sunsets, skydivers, and pure doggy joy!

M.O. Moran Reserve Fenced Dog Park

A Bit of History & Culture

Before you stroll too far, remember that the Yalukit Willam clan, part of the Boon Wurrung language group, were the original guardians of this land. Each step you take adds to the cultural richness that makes Elwood's community vibrant.

Location & Visiting

This dog friendly trial in Elwood extends in both directions: with the St Kilda Bay Trail heading toward the city and the Brighton Bay Trail moving away. Free parking is available along Beaconsfield Parade in Elwood, and restricted and paid parking can be found on nearby streets along Elwood Beach and Ormond Reserve.