Clarke Reserve is the ideal spot if you’re in Elwood and your pup is itching for a good run without a leash. This off-leash park in Elwood is not fancy, but it’s a great place for dogs and their owners who prefer a relaxed atmosphere.

The park is fully off-leash, except around the children's playground. A clear 5-meter no-dog zone ensures that kids can play safely without unexpected canine visitors. The park covers approximately 5000 square meters, providing ample space for dogs of all sizes to run and play freely.

off-leash dog in Clarke Reserve in Elwood

Despite being simple, the park offers essential amenities, including plenty of seating areas where you can take a break while your furry pal has a blast. The park is also dotted with shady trees, providing relief on hot days. Clarke Reserve is not just a place to let your dog run free. It fosters a sense of community, where locals gather, share smiles, and watch their dogs become fast friends. The atmosphere is relaxing, and you'll feel like you belong.

Off- Leash Park Amenities at Clarke Reserve

A local park with basic amenities is available for your use.

  • There are plenty of benches available for sitting in the park.
  • Many bins are placed throughout the park for convenience.
  • Ample street parking is available near the park.
  • The park is well-lit at night for safety.

Please note that the park doesn't have dog bag dispensers or dog water fountains. You should bring your own bags and water for your furry friend.

Location & Visiting Clarke Reserve

Plenty of street parking is available around the park in the quiet suburb of Elwood, and it generally does not get busy.