Is your dog dreaming of gourmet meals like Rabbit, Duck, or even Camel? At Pet Pantry & Co in Elwood, our furry friends' dream becomes a reality. Here, you'll find a collection of gourmet delights tailored specifically for canine palates. Whether your dog is a raw food BARF enthusiast or enjoys a variety of treats, Pet Pantry & Co has something to satiate even the choosiest of eaters.

Raw Food and Dog Treats

Raw food enthusiasts, rejoice! From prime Kangaroo slices to rich Buffalo and Emu, Pet Pantry & Co offers a feast for your dog's palate. But it's not just about the meat—there's also a variety of natural vegetable-based mix-ins, carefully selected to meet your dog's nutritional needs and promote their overall health.

When it comes to dog treats, Pet Pantry & Co boasts a trove of natural delights, masterfully crafted from dehydrated animal parts—no added preservatives, no sugars. Whether you're looking for a long-lasting chew or tiny nibbles for those training sessions, this store's got the goods. Need high omega treats? Check. Or maybe treats for dental care? Check. The treasure trove of dog treats here is as varied as it is vast.

Dog Treats at the Pet Pantry & CO in Elwood

A Little Vet Tip

While the raw food adventure is tantalising, it’s crucial to engage in a hearty chat with your vet before diving into a BARF diet, Prey Model Raw, or even considering natural oils. Every dog’s dietary requirements are unique; make sure you've got all bases covered!

Pamper Time at Pet Pantry

Every pup deserves a day of pampering now and then. At Pet Pantry and Co Elwood, they understand this all too well. Offering top-tier grooming services, they're prepared to transform your fur-baby from scruffy to chic! Whether it's a simple wash to get rid of that 'played-in-the-mud' look, a stylish trim to keep them cool, or a complete makeover for those special occasions, they've got you covered. Peek here to glimpse their grooming magic!

Staff That Truly Cares

Walk into Pet Pantry and Co, and you'll be met with more than just shelves stocked with quality goods. The heart of this store beats with a team of knowledgeable individuals ready to guide, advise, and chat. Ever had questions about what dog treat might be best for your canine companion? Or perhaps you're curious about the benefits of a particular raw food? They're there to yap away, offering insightful recommendations tailored to your pet's needs. It's clear that here, every customer—two-legged or four—is valued and understood.

Inside Pet Pantry & Co Pet Shop

Some might raise an eyebrow at the price point, wondering if a few extra dollars are worth the premium. But let's paws and reflect a moment. What you're investing in is far more than just dog food or treats; it's the unmatched quality and the in-depth expertise that Pet Pantry and Co consistently delivers. They've raised the 'bark' in the pet industry, ensuring that every product aligns with their high standards.

Sustainability Efforts

It's not just about tasty dog treats; it's about making a positive impact too. Leading the pack in environmental responsibility, this store deserves a hearty "high-paw" for its sustainability efforts. Gone are the days of plastic packaging; in its place, they've embraced plant-based alternatives, showing they genuinely care about our planet. Moreover, when it comes to their array of products, ethically sourced ingredients are the name of the game. Every bite your pup takes is not only delicious but also rooted in integrity.

Location & Visiting

Positioned on the bustling Ormond Rd strip in Elwood, Pet Pantry and Co is a stone's throw (or a short walk for those on four legs) from the beautiful Elsternwick Park off-leash area. For those relying on public transport, you’re in luck! The 603, 630, 922, and 923 buses halt right on Ormond Rd. For more intricate travel details, a quick peek at the PTV website will set you straight.