Elsternwick Park is one of the best off-leash dog parks in the Brighton area. With approximately 110,000 square meters of freedom, this Brighton beauty is an off-leash haven for dogs and their human friends. Imagine leisurely strolling around a serene lake, your dog darting around, eyeing the swans and ducks with an excited tail wag. Sounds dreamy? That’s just an average day at Elsternwick Park.

Opens space area where many dogs and their humans hangout.

This park is so much more than a walking spot. It’s a social hub where dogs and their humans come to play, relax, and make memories. Two main congregational areas serve as the beating heart of the park, drawing in regulars and newcomers alike. While some folks enjoy these community spots, others prefer the solitude of the walking path, making their way around the park and its tranquil lake.

The plethora of trees provides ample shade, ensuring our four-legged buddies don't overheat on those sun-drenched afternoons. Moreover, an array of benches beckon you to rest your feet, and perhaps engage in some canine camaraderie. After all, it's not just dogs that make friends here.

Walking path where many dogs and their humans walk.

However, if you're visiting during peak times, you might find the sole water station for dogs a bit crowded. An extra fountain or two would be a dream addition! The park can be bustling and social, but thanks to its vast size, solitude seekers can always find a quiet nook.

Safety first! Given its proximity to bustling roads, venturing inwards, especially towards the lake, is a safe bet. The oval area, enclosed by the serene lake and bordering properties, is the perfect setting to let your dog run wild.

Off-Leash Park Amenities

Elsternwick Park is designed to cater to the needs of both pets and their owners, offering a range of facilities that enhance your visit:

  • Dog Bag Stations: Conveniently located throughout for easy clean-ups.
  • Water Station: Situated by the lake, perfect for hydrating your playful pup.

Water Station located at Elsternwick Park, Brighton

Amenities Outside the Off-Leash Area

  • Playgrounds: Kids playground and skatepark. Ideal for a fun-filled family day out.
  • Electric BBQ Areas: Great for family and friends picnics.
  • Public Toilets: Available on Bent Avenue for your convenience.

A Bit of History & Culture

Its serene environment belies a rich history. Once a vast swamp, this park stands tall on the ancestral lands of the Boon Wurrung clan of the Kulin Nation. Every time you visit, you're stepping into a legacy.

Location & Visiting Elsternwick Park

While the name might point to Elsternwick, this treasured park is proudly situated in Brighton, snuggled close to the Elsternwick and Elwood border. Just a tip: weekends Elsternwick Park can get quite busy, and weekday afternoons, especially between 4 to 6, also see a surge in visitors.

Opens space area where many dogs and their humans hangout.

If you're driving, parking is ample around the park’s perimeter. And if you're relying on public transport, smaller pup palscan hitch a ride in a suitable animal container, the 603 and 630 buses stop close by. Need more info on travelling with pets? Visit the PTV website.

Before heading home, why not drop by Pet Pantry & Co? Located just 500 meters down the road, it’s the perfect spot to fetch your dog a treat or perhaps a refreshing dog ice cream. After all, after a day at the park, they've earned it!