Sunset seekers and water-loving canines, rejoice! Located just behind the Brighton marina is a slice of off-leash beach fun: the Brighton Dog Beach. Here, 20,000 sqm of sandy expanse welcomes wagging tails and eager paws, ensuring an unforgettable coastal experience for every dog lover.

Connor the Beaglier playing in the water at Brighton Dog Beach

Nature seems to have taken extra care with this shoreline. Tucked safely behind the main marina, the waters here are usually calm, even when the bay is stirring. Such serenity is a blessing for our four-legged friends who might be a tad hesitant about taking the plunge. The shallowness of the waters invites the more timid dogs to tiptoe in, while the deeper sections call out to the confident swimmers among the pack.

While this is a fenced-off area, a few low fences and a rocky formation might make for an adventurous escape route for your fur baby. No worries though; the beach isn't flirting with any main roads. However, if your pup is a notorious escape artist (we're looking at you, Houdinis of the canine world), it's wise to move further inland.

Sandy dog beach with Melbourne city views, Brighton Dog Beach

For those canines that operate with their noses (which, let's face it, is all of them), native shrubs provide a world of scents to discover. As for you, the two-legged visitor, there's ample sand to set up camp and enjoy those mesmerizing city and bay views. Pro tip? This spot is golden during sunsets – quite literally.

A heads-up

If you're a fan of peace and quiet, weekdays in winter offer a more serene experience. Summertime, though? It's the canine equivalent of a beach party. Always a good idea to watch over your fur-baby during these bustling times.

Sand Area at the Brighton Dog Beach

Beach Facilities

Ever been to a dog beach and forgot that oh-so-essential poop bag? Brighton Dog Beach has got your back, or rather, your dog's back. Bag stations are conveniently located at the beach entrances. And for the humans? Public toilets can be found just a hop, skip, and a jump away by Brighton Baths.

Culture and History

Brighton Dog Beach isn't just about the sun and the surf; it’s rich in history and culture too. This breathtaking stretch of coastland belongs to the Yaluk-ut Weelam clan of the Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation. Their legacy reminds us of the profound connection between the land, the water, and its people.

And then there's the "Summertime" Dog Sculpture. No, it's not a real dog, but it's every bit as charming. Conceived by the talented Anne Ross, this sculpture portrays a cool canine rocking a pair of sunglasses, probably pondering over which tree to chase next. It's a delightful piece that adds a touch of whimsy to the area and never fails to fetch smiles from visitors.


Wandering along the Bay Trail, you'll know you've reached when the bronze Summertime Dog Sculpture comes into view, signalling that sandy adventures are moments away. And if you've got the Middle Brighton Baths on one side, you're right where you need to be.

Finding parking can be a tad tricky. Most folks attempt to snag a spot in the back streets off Sandown Street. However, if you're feeling lucky, consider the ticketed parking at Middle Brighton Baths. If all else fails, park a bit further and embark on a scenic doggy stroll down the Bay Trail. Because, after all, the journey is half the fun!