In the heart of Port Melbourne lies Julier Reserve, a modest yet inviting space for all the dog lovers out there. While it might not boast of grandeur, it makes up for it in peace and authenticity. Stretching across 10,000 sq meters, this dog off-leash area offers ample space for your dog to run and play.

What’s even better? Its location. With nearby JL Murphy Reserve taking much of the limelight, Julier Reserve enjoys a laid-back vibe. It’s an optimal location for focused training sessions or just to enjoy a calm day out. Nestled amidst quiet residential lanes, this park provides the ideal setting for uninterrupted bonding time with your pet.

The trees forming the perimeter around the off-leash oval area offer a natural shield against the sun, with seating benches thoughtfully placed under the shade.

RJ Julier Reserve Dog Off Leash sitting Area Port Melbourne

Amenities For You & Your Dog

Sure, this Port Melbourne off-leash park might not have the trimmings of a five-star resort, but it has everything you need for a satisfying day out with your pet. Public toilets and drinking a fountain are conveniently located near the netball and playground areas. Remember, these specific zones require dogs to be on a leash.

History & Culture

While enjoying the present serenity of Julier Reserve, it's crucial to acknowledge its deep-rooted past. The park stands on the traditional lands of the Yaluk-ut Weelam clan of the Boon Wurrung people, an integral part of the greater Kulin Nation. Their rich history and connection to the land remind us of the importance of nature and community.

Location and Visiting

Tucked away from the main hustle and bustle, Julier Reserve is a little pocket of peace in Port Melbourne. Street parking is available around the park, which means less hassle for you and more playtime for your pup. Given its serene ambiance, it’s ideal for those mid-week visits or early mornings when you just want to escape with your pet.