Welcome to Garden City Reserve! Situated in the heart of Port Melbourne, this urban haven sprawls over an impressive 28,000 sqkm, making it one of the larger off-leash areas in the region. Tail-wagging adventures await with beautifully landscaped terrains and the delightful scent trails your canine companion is bound to adore. As you stroll, take a moment to appreciate the well-maintained gardens, offering a serene atmosphere for both humans and their furry counterparts.

Pathway athrough the dog off leash area in Garden City Reserve

While the majority of the park encourages the thrill of unleashed fun, be aware when nearing the playground areas and the BBQ sections; that's a leash-up zone. This park is not just about frolic and fun but serves as an essential spot for local Port Melbourne residents to unwind, mingle, and build a stronger pet-loving community.

Map of the off leash areas and leasha reas of the park

Amenities for You and Your Dog

Garden City Reserve is not just about the space; it's also about convenience. Although you won't find dog bags here (remember to bring your own!), there are taps for refilling those water bottles after an enthusiastic game of fetch. For the humans accompanying these energetic pooches, comfortable seating lines the paths, providing opportunities to relax and take in the view. And for those who love a good evening walk, street lamps ensure you and your furry pal have a lit path to wander as the sun dips low.

History & Culture

To truly appreciate Garden City Reserve, a brief look back in time adds depth to the experience. This cherished park rests on the ancestral lands of the Yaluk-ut Weelam clan of the Boon Wurrung people, a part of the extensive Kulin Nation. These indigenous Australians have fostered a profound bond with this region for tens of thousands of years. So, while your dog is enjoying the present, take a moment to remember and respect the rich past of this land.

Location and Visiting

Finding your way to Garden City Reserve? It's bordered by Beacon Rd, Crichton Avenue, Tucker Avenue, Clark Street, and Poolman Street in Port Melbourne. Parking is breezy with plenty of street spots available.

If you're in the mood for some sandy fun after your park visit, you're in luck. The park's location is just a stone's throw away from the Port Melbourne Dog Beach (Westport Reserve).