While it may not boast the golden sands or Instagram-worthy views like its more famous counterparts, Sandridge Dog Beach in Port Melbourne offers a quiet nook of seaside serenity. Situated along the Bay Trail, it's a stone's throw from the iconic Princess Pier and one of the closest dog beaches to Melbourne CBD. Despite its convenient location, it's remained one of Melbourne's best-kept secrets. A lesser-known beach translates to fewer crowds, making it a perfect escape when the popular spots are swamped.

Located by the Shipping Docks, this Port Melbourne dog beach doesn't score top marks for its scenic beauty. But, for the savvy dog owner, it offers a a more subdued atmosphere for you and your dog to enjoy. While it's a treat for all, smaller dogs will fare better during low tide, given the beach's tendency to deepen swiftly. The water quality generally gets the thumbs up, but as always in the bay,  it doesn't hurt to check on EPA's website for water conditions.

Dogs playing at Port Melbourne Dog Beach (Westport Reserve)

Amenities for You and Your Dog

Sandridge Dog Beach in Port Melbourne keeps things simple. Don’t expect a spread of facilities. There are no dog bags on offer, but hey, you're the superhero dog parent who's always prepared, right? And when it’s time to toss those bags, bins can be found near the entrance.

Fresh water taps aren't available on the beach, so bring along that trusty portable dog bowl. The neighbouring Western Reserve Playground public offers toilets and taps where you can top that bottle up. No shade on the beach, so remember pack some sunscreen and dress to protect.

History & Culture

Every stretch of sand has a story, and the Port Melbourne Dog Beach is no exception. Positioned on the traditional grounds of the Yaluk-ut Weelam clan of the Boon Wurrung people, part of the Kulin Nation, this area was once a thriving habitat for wetland flora and fauna, making it a crucial resource for the Indigenous community.

This same stretch beside the Sandridge Port, now known as Port Melbourne, remained relatively untouched until the mid-20th century. A silent sentinel watching Melbourne grow.

Location and Visiting

Unsure about where to let your dog run free? Check the signs – there's a designated off-leash area for our furry pals.

Port Melboune dog beach map

For those coming in by car, The Blvd has got parking covered. Remember to leash your pet while entering from The Blvd. Safety first! And a quick word of caution: watch out for the bike lane you'll need to cross.