Central Park in Malvern East offers an expansive off-leash area for energetic pups. Covering about 30,000 sqm, this unfenced oval doubles as a sports field for soccer and cricket, providing ample room for fetch and play.

Though the area is shared, the community spirit shines with a box of shared dog toys near Kingston Street. While there's plenty of open space, be mindful that the park isn't fenced and is bordered by busy streets, so great recall is essential for safety.

Central park off leash area in Malvern East

The oval's gravel track, about 550m long, offers a pleasant walk, and the rest of the park, though on-leash, is a peaceful retreat with its well-maintained paths and lush surroundings. The park is also a popular spot for Stonnington Council dog-friendly events, such as the popular Pets in the Park and Glow Winter Arts Festival.

Central park Map in Malvern East

Off-leash Area Amenities

  • Dog Water Fountains: Conveniently placed around the park.
  • Dog Bag Dispensers: Located at various points for easy access.
  • Seats: Scattered around the oval for a comfortable rest.
  • Public Toilets: Found on the east side by Burke Rd.
  • Gravel Track: Ideal for a leisurely 550m walk around the oval.

Central park off leash amenities Malvern East

Visiting Central Park in Malvern East

The park can get busy on weekends but is generally quiet during the week.

  • Parking: Free all-day and one-hour parking is available around the park. It's best to park on Kingston Street, which is free all day and away from surrounding retail stores, making it easier to find a spot.
  • Public Transport: Easily accessible via tram route 5 along Wattletree Road and bus route 624 along Burke Road. Check PTV for rules on travelling with dogs on public transport: PTV.

Malvern Central Park FAQs

What is the history of Central Park in Malvern East?

Central Park, East Malvern, is a gem among Melbourne's public gardens, proudly showcasing its Edwardian roots. Developed from 1907 into the 1920s, the park blends ornamental gardens with recreational spaces featuring elm avenues, specimen trees, and a historic conservatory.

Originally part of a golf course, the land was purchased by Malvern Council in 1906 and transformed into the park we see today. The park's design includes a sports ground and walking paths, blending nature and activity.

The conservatory, built in 1927, is one of Victoria's oldest. It features seasonal displays and rare plants. The adjacent sunken garden and marble fountain add to the park's charm.

Central Park also houses a significant war memorial, a tribute to the community's history and heritage.