As the chilly season wraps Melbourne in its brisk embrace, dog owners have a glowing reason to venture out with their furry companions. The Glow Winter Arts Festival returns to Malvern East, celebrating a spectacular decade of dazzling displays that light up the winter nights. From July 18th to 21st, 2024, Central Park Gardens will transform into a luminous wonderland, offering you and your pup a unique outing.

While exploring the installations, you won't have to worry about refreshments. The festival features a selection of hot drinks and tasty treats that are available for purchase. Local businesses around the park will also welcome visitors, offering everything from quick bites to hearty meals—check their operating hours and pet-friendly options.

Glow Festival Melbourne Event Details

Date: July 18th to 21st, 2024
Time: 5:00 pm till Late
Location: Central Park Gardens, Malvern East
Entry: Free

Dog-Friendly Event Policy

Glow isn't just a feast for human eyes; it's a playground for pups, too! The festival welcomes dogs, ensuring they can join the artistic adventure. Keep your furry friend on a leash and jazz up their look with a colourful or illuminated collar to keep them safe and visible.

What's On at the Glow Winter Arts Festival?

Prepare to be mesmerised by installations and interactive installations. Each piece offers not just visual delight but also a topic of reflection that might make your evening walk a bit more philosophical.

The Ephemeral Collection

This installation invites attendees to ponder the transient nature of life, inspired by the global reflective pause of 2020. It beautifully captures the fleeting beauty of moments, encouraging a deeper appreciation of the now.

Choosing Paradise

Step into a vividly imagined future with this vibrant installation. It's born from a dream of utopia, where beauty and love triumph over adversity. The dynamic use of colours and forms creates a visually stunning environment that stimulates the senses and sparks the imagination.

Encircled Enlightenment

Experience clarity emerging from darkness in this enlightening installation. Interactive elements invite personal interaction, illuminating the surroundings to reveal insights about balance and insight during challenging times.

Delicate Deliberations

Explore the impact of decisions visualised through art. This installation offers a thought-provoking view of how every choice can branch into new possibilities and futures, challenging visitors to think about their life paths.


Dive into a participatory art experience where engagement is key. HEXADECA allows attendees to become part of the artwork, offering tactile and interactive experiences that make the art accessible and immersive.

Visiting Glow Festival Melbourne

This dog-friendly event is located at Central Park Gardens, Malvern East, on the corner of Burke Road and Wattletree Roads, Malvern East.

If you are travelling with a small dog, taking advantage of PTV is recommended. Make sure to check the rules of public transport regarding dogs. With limited parking around Central Park, the festival encourages sustainable transport options. Hop on Tram Route 5 to Stop #52, which drops you right at the park's doorstep.

Otherwise, try to arrive early and park on the side streets.