Did you know there's an urban sanctuary right in the heart of Stonnington? Malvern's Urban Forest is the perfect escape for dog lovers and nature enthusiasts. You can experience Victorian bushland without having to drive an hour out of the CBD. While you might still hear urban sounds and see the back fences of houses, it's a quick escape without having to venture into regional areas. Your dog will love exploring the diverse local flora and fauna, experiencing new sounds and smells.

This 1.44 km loop trail is easy and offers paved and dirt paths. The paths are smooth, wide, and mostly flat, with some sections of compacted gravel. There are a few mild slopes and root rises, but they can be easily avoided by taking alternate routes. Cyclists also share some pathways, so keep your dog on a short leash for safety.

Accessible paved dog-friendly path at Malverns Urban Forest

Set within natural bushland, the Urban Forest features grassy picnic areas, tranquil ponds, charming bridges, and well-maintained pedestrian and cycle paths. The extensive tree plantings offer a cool, shaded escape, making it a delightful spot for a leisurely stroll with your furry friend.

Walking Trail Features

Throughout the dog-friendly trail, you will find some simple amenities.

  • Shaded seating areas are perfect for a quick rest or a snack break.
  • Picnic tables are available, although some may require crossing grass to reach.
  • Two water fountains ensure you and your pup stay hydrated.

Malvern Urban Forest dog-friendly-ameneties

Nature and Wildlife

As you explore, look for the local wildlife. Bird watchers might spot kookaburras, rosellas, swift parrots, rainbow lorikeets, and crested pigeons. You might also encounter Australian wood ducks and quirky creatures like pobblebonk frogs or striped marsh frogs.

Visiting Malvern Urban Forest

Nestled between Dandenong Road and Waverley Road, this green haven brings the serenity of the countryside to suburban Melbourne.

Malvern Urban Forest is easily accessible by public transport or car. For drivers, parking is available on Bruce Street and Dandenong Road Service Road, with ramped access to the entrance.

Bus route 612 along Waverley Road has an accessible shelter connected to the Urban Forest by a short, smooth, sealed footpath. East Malvern train station is 500 meters away, with a ramped pedestrian crossing on Waverley Road. Make sure you visit PTV website for rules on travelling with dogs on public transport.