For the dedicated dog lover, Seagulls Pet Laundromat offers a unique dual service. As its name suggests, not only can you give your furry friend the pampering they deserve, but you can also freshen up their bedding, blankets, and outfits. Specifically designed with pets in mind, the laundromat boasts industrial-grade pet washing machines and dryers, ensuring an in-depth clean for every item.

In Store view of Seaguls Pet Laundromat in Altona North

Seagulls Pet Laundromat offers two distinct DIY dog wash bays equipped for shampooing, rinsing, conditioning, flea treatments, and blow drying. They also apply a finishing tub disinfectant for added hygiene. To enhance the dog grooming experience, Seagulls provides complimentary towels to help guests dry their pets. Remaining open until midnight, Seagulls ensures a clean and efficient environment for all visitors.

Complimentary dog towels at Seaguls Pet Laundromat in Altona North

DIY Dog Wash at Seagulls accepts card payments, meaning no rummaging around for coins. However, it's worth noting that at $14 for a 10-minute session, their pricing is slightly above the Melbourne average for a DIY dog wash.

Location & Visiting

Seagulls Pet Laundromat sits conveniently at 5 Plover Dr, Altona North VIC 3025, just behind the bustling Bunnings Warehouse. There's ample customer parking right outside, ensuring a hassle-free visit. And if your freshly bathed pooch is in the mood for a treat, Bruce's Healthy Dog Treats sotre is a mere 50 meters away. It's the perfect spot to reward your furry friend for their good behaviour during the wash.