For those seeking a straightforward approach to dog treats, Healthy Dog Treats in Altona North sets itself apart from the glossy high street stores. Eschewing the trend of ornate displays, this establishment stands proudly in its industrial warehouse setting, offering a 'no frills' shopping experience. Yet, its simplicity doesn’t mean a compromise on quality; the store boasts high-quality treats, at prices often more affordable than its competitors.

Healthy Dog Treats selection in Altona North

Bruce, the owner, along with his staff, is the heart and soul of this place. Their deep-rooted knowledge about dog nutrition and treats is palpable, and they're always ready to guide you through your choices. One particularly thoughtful gesture they've introduced is offering sample packs of dog food. It's a considerate way to let your furry friend taste-test before you commit to purchasing a more substantial amount.

Diversity is key at Healthy Dog Treats. Their extensive range spans from kangaroo to crocodile, ensuring there's a treat for every palate. What's more, all these dog drooling delights are created naturally from dehydrated animal parts with zero added preservatives. Whether you're in search of long-lasting treats or small nibbles ideal for training sessions, there's something here for every need. You'll even find treats tailored for specific dietary requirements – be it high omega, high calcium, or dental care treats.

Chicken bites healthy dog treat

And if you can't make it to the store? No worries. Their online store ensures your dog doesn't miss out, offering shipping Australia-wide.

Location & Visting

Healthy Dog Treats is nestled in Melbourne’s inner West, off Millers Road, in Altona North. If you're driving, here's a tip: look out for Woolworths in Millers Junction and continue westward along the carpark road until Reading Cinemas is in sight. A mere 20 meters down that road to the left, and you've arrived!

Plus, there's an added bonus for your dog. Just about 50 meters from Healthy Dog Treats, there's Seagulls Pet Laundromat, equipped with a DIY wash. So after a delightful shopping spree, why not give your dog or even their bedding a refreshing wash?