For dog parents seeking a convenient, affordable, and top-notch spot for their furry friend's pampering, look no further. There's one spot that stands out: Habitat DIY Dog Wash in Altona North. Open 24/7, this dual bay facility ensures that, when the moment calls for it, your canine buddy receives a thorough wash with warm water.

In terms of cleanliness, the staff here clearly prioritise it. They regularly clean the facility, and each wash provides a comprehensive experience: from standard shampooing and rinsing to enriching conditioning, thorough flea treatments, and a finishing blow dry.

Dual bay hydro DIY dog wash in Alton North

Now, shifting our focus to value, at just $12 for a wholesome 12-minute session, and with the added convenience of accepting coins, cards, and notes, this DIY Dog Wash in Altona North truly delivers on convenience.

Beyond the basic wash, Habitat offers so much more. The friendly staff inside radiate an undeniable love for dogs. They are always ready to assist, turning every visit into something reminiscent of a community gathering. And if shopping's on your mind, after the grooming session, this place is perfect for some quality dog shopping.

On the other hand, if you're someone who'd prefer to hand over the grooming reins to the experts, you're in good hands. Habitat offers a variety of standard dog grooming services, all with consistent passion and expertise.

Location & Visiting

Planning to drop by? You'll find Habitat DIY Dog Wash conveniently located in Altona North, right off Millers Road. And don't worry about parking; they have a spacious lot for patrons. Just keep in mind that this DIY dog wash does get busy on warm weekends, with many people coming here with their dogs after a visit to Altona Dog Beach.