Join the annual Flynn's Walk to support veterinary well-being. Flynn's Walk is more than just footsteps on a path. It's a vibrant dialogue aimed at bolstering the spirits of veterinary professionals. It's a day to walk shoulder to shoulder with veterinarians and veterinary staff, acknowledging the hurdles they leap over every day. This event is a gesture of gratitude toward those who dedicate their lives to the welfare of our furry friends, fostering a community brimming with empathy and support.

Dog Walk Details

This special gathering kicks off at Cyril Curtain Reserve, adjacent to the Williamstown Tennis Club, right by the scenic waterfront. 

Attendance is absolutely free and open to everyone—whether you're part of the veterinary world or not. Bring your families, bring your friends, and yes, bring your dogs! This dog-friendly walk is a chance for everyone to mingle, share stories, and enjoy a day out surrounded by the love of the community and their four-legged pals.

Set your calendars for Sunday, 28 April 2024, from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM, and join a 7km loop along the breathtaking Bay Trail in Williamstown. The route is accessible, and it's all about inclusivity, so feel free to complete as much or as little of the Walk as you please.