Unlike neighbouring Altona, finding a fenced dog park in Williamstown or Newport can be quite a challenge. This is where Riverside Fenced Dog Park in Spotswood comes in, filling a much-needed niche for the local dog-loving community.

Positioned at the border of Spotswood and Newport, and just a stone's throw from Williamstown, this park offers an expansive 45,000 sqm of off-leash space. It's surrounded by high fences, providing a contained environment that's particularly popular with owners of larger dogs. Additionally, with its large central parking area, the park is not only a hit with Spotswood locals but also conveniently accessible to visitors from Newport and Williamstown.

Dog walking at this Dog park by Newport

A Note of Caution

The maintenance of the park is a concern, particularly regarding the grass areas. They are sometimes left to grow a bit too long, which is a concern, especially since the park's location near water and paddocks makes it an attractive spot for snakes in the warmer months. Something to consider before letting your dog run free.

Overgrown grass area and Spotwood Dog Park

Amenities at Riverside Dog Park

Seating and Picnic Tables: The park offers a couple of picnic tables. They provide a convenient spot to relax and maybe even chat with fellow dog owners.

Parking Lot: The central location of the parking means less time navigating and more time enjoying the park's open spaces with your dog.

Location and Visiting Riverside Dog Park

Located at the start of Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail in Newport, the Riverside Fenced Dog Park in Spotswood and Newport.  With a large parking area centrally located, visitors will find it incredibly easy to access the park. This ease of access, combined with the spacious off-leash area, makes Riverside Dog Park a particularly popular destination, especially on Sundays.