Just a stone's throw away from Melbourne's bustling heart lies the picturesque Williamstown peninsula. It offers panoramic views of Port Phillip Bay, enough to make any local or tourist's heart sing. Nestled along Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail, you'll discover the Cyril Curtain Reserve Dog Off Leash Area. Roughly 35,000 sqm, this off-leash area in Williamstown is a haven for dogs to explore and possibly make new friends.

The reserve stretches approximately 600 meters. Perfect for those mornings when you fancy a leisurely stroll with your furry companion by your side. The gravel pathway, accompanied by the soft rhythm of the bay’s waves, promises a tranquil experience. Now, if your dog wants to venture beyond, simply put the leash back on and continue your journey along Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail.

Bay view at Cyril Curtain Reserve Dog Off Leash Area Williamstown

The panoramic views of the bay aren’t just a visual treat, but a soul-soother. Here, it's not just about giving your dog freedom; it's a chance to break away from the daily grind. And if you're in the mood to simply sit back and appreciate the scenery, you're in luck: there's plenty of seating and picnic tables sprinkled throughout the park.

Apart from being a hit with the local dog community, the reserve is a favourite for joggers, cyclists, and nature lovers seeking serenity. It's equally perfect for diving into a good book, people and pet-watching, or simply soaking in views of the bay.

Cyril Curtain Reserve Dog Off Leash Area

A Few Tips For First Timers

The park primarily acts as an off-leash sanctuary, but keep in mind its open layout isn't fenced. With the Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail bisecting the car park and being a favourite for cyclists, it's a good idea to remember to leash your dog when getting in or out of your car.

The landscape, though breathtaking, has signs pointing to the occasional presence of snakes near the water. It's advisable to keep a close watch on your pup and perhaps stick to the main paths during the warmer months.

Bay view at Cyril Curtain Reserve Dog Off Leash Area Williamstown

Weather-wise, while the park can be an absolute gem on sunny days, remember, it's quite exposed. Windy Melbourne days might hit you with gusty gale-force winds. Some areas offer ample shade while others bask in full sunlight. On bright days, always slip, slop, slap.

Lastly, every Saturday at 8:00 am, the park comes alive with a parkrun event. Expect a lively crowd.

Off Leash Park Ameneties

Ensconced in the heart of the community, Cyril Curtain Reserve is more than just a haven for dogs; it's a thoughtfully designed space for all its visitors. Here's a closer look at what awaits you:

  • Seating Options: Scattered around the park are numerous benches. They're the perfect spots for catching your breath, enjoying a quiet moment, or simply watching dogs play and the world drift by. For those planning a casual meal in the midst of nature, picnic tables await, ready for those delightful alfresco experiences.
  • Water Facilities: While a dedicated water tap for our four-legged pals is accessible near the Footy Oval, such amenities are few and far between in other park regions. It might be a good plan to bring along a dog water bottle to ensure your furry friend stays hydrated during your outing.
  • Poo Bag Dispensers: The park does have dispensers, but they're a bit of a rare find and occasionally might be out of stock. As conscientious dog parents, it's always wise to have a few spares in your pocket.

Bay Trail W path at Cyril Curtain Reserve off leash area Williamstown

Venture a tad beyond the off-leash bounds, and there's even more to explore in the adjoining on-lead areas:

  • Electric Public Barbecues: Got a penchant for grilling? The public barbecues are at your service. Whether it's a spontaneous sausage sizzle or a pre-planned picnic, these facilities ensure your meals are always hot and delicious.
  • Children's Playground: For families, the kids aren't left out. A vibrant playground stands ready to keep them engaged and entertained.
  • Public Toilets: Conveniently located near the Hyatt Reserve, these facilities ensure comfort during extended park visits.

A Bit of History & Culture

The Cyril Curtain Reserve stands on land that has long been cherished by the Yalukit Willam of the Kulin Nation. As you enjoy the beauty and calm of the reserve, take a moment to remember and respect its deep-rooted history and the traditional custodians who have safeguarded it for generations.

Location & Visiting

Nestled at the south end of Williamstown, Cyril Curtain Reserve boasts a prime position along the bay. Esplinade road and car park span the length of the park, ensuring that your visit starts without any parking hassles. However, a word to the wise: Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail, a hotspot for cyclists, acts as a boundary between the parking area and the park itself. For the safety of both your furry friend and the cycling community, it's essential to have your dog on a leash and to be especially cautious when crossing to and from your vehicle.