Dive into the heart of local Victorian produce at the Gasworks Farmers’ Market. This dog-friendly market in Albert Park celebrates fresh, flavourful goods direct from the growers and makers. Held every third Saturday, it showcases sustainable living with juicy fruits, vegetables, homemade cakes, jams, free-range eggs, and fresh flowers.

A Hub for Food and Art

Spend your Saturday mornings with us on the grass, basking in the cheerful buzz of the market. Recognised not just by shoppers but by awards too, with a big nod from the VFMA and winner of the Outstanding Farmers Market by Delicious Produce Awards in 2012. But it’s not about the accolades; it’s about the promise of quality and the warmth of community spirit.

The market is more than a place to fill your basket; it's where food meets art, opening doors to the Gasworks Resident Artist Studios. This blend of culinary and creative endeavours offers a glimpse into the local soul, enriching each visit with discoveries that feed both body and spirit.

The market's dedication to the environment is evident in its plastic bag-free policy and the encouragement of sustainable practices. Visitors are urged to bring their own baskets, bags, and coffee cups, contributing to a healthier planet with each visit.

A Melbourne Dog-Friendly Market

The Gasworks Farmers’ Market warmly welcomes furry friends, offering an ideal weekend outing for pet owners.

  • Dog-Friendly Café: Visitors can enjoy a relaxing break at the Gasworks dog-friendly café. The menu features freshly baked treats to pamper pups, ensuring they enjoy the outing as much as their owners do
  • NatureDog Raw Dog Food Stall: For pet owners interested in premium nutrition for their furry companions, the market features a stall dedicated to high-quality, raw food options. NatureDog Raw Dog Food offers a variety of nourishing choices to keep dogs healthy and happy.

Dog at dog-friendly farmers market in Albert Park

The Gasworks Farmers’ Market in Albert Park draws in food lovers, art enthusiasts, and fans of sustainability. The allure of fresh produce, the charm of local art, and the joy of a dog-friendly outing captivate visitors, offering an enriching experience for everyone.