Ah, Albert Park, a place where city meets nature, where sports enthusiasts jog past swans gliding serenely across the lake. But here's the kicker—this urban paradise is also a great place to take your dog! Not only does Albert Park offer fantastic on-lead trails that circle the tranquil lake, you'll also find two dog off-leash areas.

Dogs playing at Albert Park dog off-leash area

Aughtie Drive Off-Leash Area (The Sports Fields)

Spanning approximately 170,000 sq meters, this expansive area borders Middle Park and St. Kilda West. The area encompasses vast sporting fields that act as off-leash playgrounds when not in use for local team games and training. But beware of the weekend rush! The fields become a hive of activity, buzzing with families, athletes, and fellow dog-enthusiasts. It's also a popular cycling route, so always stay alert and keep an eye out for any Tour de France aspirants whizzing by.

Despite the hustle and bustle, weekdays are generally quieter and provide ample opportunities for off-leash fun. The park comes equipped with water stations for your thirsty companion and toilets for the humans in the equation.

Albert Park Off Leash Areas Map


The Northern Strip Off-Leash Area (near Albert Road)

Smaller in size— approximately 13,000 sq meters. Unlike its more expansive sibling, the northern end is not a off leash area we'd recommend due to its proximity to busy Albert Road and lack of amenities. But if you're in a pinch and need a quick leg-stretch for your canine, it could work in a, "Hey, it's better than nothing" sort of way.

Closed For Formula 1

The park is off-limits during and around the time of the Formula 1 races. When those revved-up engines come to town, it's best to pivot your puppy playtime to nearby Fawkner Park instead.

Dogs playing at Albert Park dog off-leash area

Off-Leash Park Amenities

Albert Park's got the essentials covered for a smooth day out with your dog. First off, the park is dotted with water stations conveniently located along walking paths and near public toilets. On that note there are acouple of public toilets at the Aughtie Drive Off-Leash Area. One is situated closer to Fitzroy Street, and another is near the Carmelite Tennis Club.

Dogs water station at Albert Park dog off-leash area

If you're looking for shade, the park is a bit sparse on trees. So, don't forget the sunscreen for both you and the pup's sensitive areas like noses and ears. While there's evening lighting for those after-work walkies, seating isn't really a thing here. Oh, and those handy doggy bag dispensers you might be expecting? You'll have to bring your own. This park plays hard-to-get with amenities but wins us over with its sheer size and beauty.

History & Culture

Long before it became a go-to dog park, this land was an integral part of the Yarra River Delta and home to the Boonwurrung people for over 40,000 years. When you're there, maybe take a quiet moment with your pup to respect the traditional owners of the land.

Fast-forwarding to European settlement, this area morphed from lush wetlands to farmlands, military grounds, and eventually the public park we know today. Named in 1864 after Queen Victoria's hubby, Prince Albert, the park has seen its share of changes. From hosting Grand Prix races to army occupations, Albert Park has lived multiple lives, including a stint as a tip!

Location & Visiting

Albert Park offers paid street parking all around the park. At the time of writing this, weekday rates are $5.80 per hour from 8 am to 5 pm and switch to a flat rate in the evenings. All-day adventurers, you're looking at $13.90 on weekdays and a $5.80 flat rate on weekends.

Public transport more your speed? You're in luck! The 86 Tram stops right by the park. Just remember, small fur-babies need to be in a confined pet container to ride along. Check out the PTV website for more info.