Who says only human mums deserve a special day? Dog mums have their very own day to shine, and it’s just before Mother’s Day! This year, make sure you mark Saturday the 11th of May on your calendar—that’s when we celebrate Dog Mum’s Day down under. 

It’s a day to show extra appreciation for the joy and unconditional love our canine companions bring us. Whether planning a day out with your four-legged friend or searching for the perfect gift, there’s plenty to get excited about.

Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants by Monrose Indoor Plants

Brighten up your home with a touch of green that’s safe for your furry friend. Monrose Indoor Plants is Australia’s only dog-friendly indoor plant boutique, offering a selection of plants that not only enhance the homely environment but are also safe for your dog. Monrose offer care guidance, ensuring it thrives in your living space without posing any risk to your pets. This makes it a perfect Dog Mother’s Day gift for the eco-conscious and pet-loving mum.

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Hunger for Words Pet Starter Kit

Celebrate Dog Mother’s Day by stepping into your dog’s world with the Hunger for Words Pet Starter Kit. This gift is perfect for dog mums eager to deepen their connection with their pets. The kit includes a set of buttons you can train your dog to press to communicate their needs and feelings. It’s a journey into your pet’s mind that can strengthen your bond and bring endless joy as you hear them “speak” their love and needs directly to you. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by giving your dog a voice!

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Personalised Dog Photography Portraits

This Dog Mother’s Day, capture your cherished pet’s unique spirit and personality with a personalised portrait from some of Melbourne’s finest dog photography studios. Frog Dog Studios, Ragamuffin Pet Photography, and Erin King Photographer are renowned for creating stunning visual memories that last a lifetime. These studios specialise in showcasing the beauty and individuality of your furry friends. Celebrate the day with a session as special as your bond, leaving you with a keepsake to treasure forever.

Jecka Bricks Dog Sculptures

For the crafty dog mum, Jecka Bricks offers a fun and engaging way to build a model of your favourite dog breed. These brick-building kits come in various dog breeds, providing a detailed and enjoyable building experience. It is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, and the finished model makes a unique and personal decorative piece for your home.

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Dog-Themed Art by Marc Martin

Decorate your space with a canine charm this Dog Mother’s Day. Marc Martin, a renowned Melbourne-based illustrator, crafts a delightful range of dog-inspired home decor prints. His vibrant prints capture the whimsy and warmth of dogs, bringing a joyful spirit to any room. These pieces are not only a treat for any dog lover but also make thoughtful gifts for Dog Mother’s Day.

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Spoil Yourself with Brunch at a Melbourne Dog-Friendly Cafes

Dog at the Mordi Canteen, a dog-friendly cafe in mordialloc

Enjoy brunch with your fur baby by your side at popular dog-friendly cafes. Places like Mordi Canteen in Mordialloc, Leroy’s in Newport, Guilty Moose in Albert Park, and Merchetta Cafe in Mornington are renowned for their excellent food and dog-friendly policy. These cafes offer comfortable seating, tasty menus, and spaces where your dog can relax and meet other dogs.

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