Ever since my childhood days, The Warmies has been known as a cherished fishing spot in Melbourne. Today, it also stands as a welcoming off-leash park in Newport, offering a simple yet fulfilling escape for our dogs. Close to the vibrant area of Williamstown, this park provides a spacious and green sanctuary amidst the industrial surroundings of factories and dockyards.

The Warmies is located along the Hudson Bay Trail, a favourite among cyclists. Visitors should exercise caution, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone sharing this community space. Right by the Yarra River, you'll find a walking trail that serves up stunning views of the Westgate Bridge and the Dockyards, setting the stage for some pretty spectacular ship watching as the giant vessels begin their voyages. It's this mix of natural splendour and industrial charm that gives The Warmies its distinctive vibe.

Newport Hobsons Bay Trail - Dog Friendly walking path

A word to the wise, especially during the warmer months: the park's walking trail is close to conservation areas where snakes like to hang out. While snake-proof fencing and diligent maintenance efforts are in place, it's still important to stay vigilant.

The Warmies dog-friendly walking trail

With plenty of parking and open areas, The Warmies offers a straightforward, tidy area for dogs to just be dogs. It stands out as a top pick for those searching for an off-leash park in Newport, a dog park near Williamstown, or simply a great Melbourne dog park.

Off-Leash Park Amenities at The Warmies

  • Bring Your Bags and Water Bottles: The park doesn't offer direct access to water or waste bags. Keeping our furry friends hydrated and our parks clean depends on all of us remembering to bring these necessities.
  • Public Toilets: Public toilets are located just 200 meters away by the Williamstown Boat Ramp.
  • Ample Street Parking: Plenty of street parking available.

A Bit of History & Culture

The Warmies holds a deep connection to the Bunurong people, its traditional custodians, and has long been cherished as a popular fishing spot in Melbourne. Known as "Fishing The Warmies" or "The Hotties," this unique name stems from the unusually warm water in the channel. This warmth is due to the Newport power station, which expels water heated to drive its turbines back into the channel. This elevates the temperature to a balmy 22°C from a chilly 9°C. This warm water creates an inviting environment for fish, making it a favourite spot among local anglers.

The Warmies dog-friendly walking trail

Location And Visiting The Warmies Dog Off Leash Area

Right next to Newport Park in Newport. Not far from Williamstown and continues along the Strand, The Warmies offers an easily accessible and convenient spot for both locals and visitors. With ample parking available.