There's nothing like watching your dog run free in nature while you get a touch of exercise as well. The Pine Avenue Reserve Fenced Dog Park in Mornington is that rare find for dog owners looking for a safe place where their furry friends can play, explore, and make new pals. This spot is all about letting dogs enjoy their freedom within a secure environment, complete with a loop track for both you and your pet to enjoy some local scenery.

The park offers all the essentials, including a dog water station, double-gated entry, and picnic tables. It's not just a place for exercise; it's where the community bonds. Enclosed by local homes and a community garden with chickens, the park exudes charm. With about 10,000 square meters of parkland, it's an adventure playground for dogs.

Walking path around Pine Avenue fenced dog park in Mornington

If you feel like kicking back, Pine Avenue Reserve's shaded seating under natural tree canopies provides a cool retreat. These thoughtful features make this dog park in Mornington a great off-leash spot for you and your four-legged friend.

A note of caution:

In the middle of Pine Avenue Reserve, there's a basin with a stormwater drain pipe, surrounded by high grass. For your dog's health and safety, we strongly advise keeping them away from this section. While the park offers plenty of space for fun and exploration, steering clear of this area will help ensure a safe visit for everyone.

Mornington Pine Avenue Reserve basin area


Dog Park Amenities at Pine Avenue Reserve

  • Fenced Double-Gated Entry: Ensures a secure environment for all, making it easy for owners to relax while their dogs play.
  • Dog Water Station: Keeps your furry friends hydrated during their adventures, a thoughtful addition for those warm sunny days.
  • Picnic Tables Under Trees: Offers a comfortable spot for you to sit back and relax, all while keeping an eye on your playful pup. The natural shade from the trees provides a cool retreat from the sun.
  • 400-Meter Circuit Loop Walking Path: Encourages a bit of exercise for both you and your dog, wrapped in the beauty of the park's natural scenery.

Please Note: Bring Your Own Poo Bags

The council does not supply poo bags at Pine Avenue Reserve, so please remember to bring your own. Doing your bit to keep the park clean and safe ensures a pleasant experience for everyone, including our furry friends. Let’s work together to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of this beloved dog park.

Pine Avenue Reserve shaded picnic tables

A Bit of History & Culture

Pine Avenue Reserve Dog Park, a cherished spot in Mornington, sits on the traditional lands of the Boon Wurrung/Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation. This area, rich in history and culture, has been a place of gathering and community for thousands of years. As we enjoy the natural beauty and communal spirit of the park, we pay our respects to the Elders past, present, and emerging, acknowledging their enduring connection to this land.

Pine Avenue Reserve walking path surrounded by local fauna

Location & Visiting Pine Avenue Reserve

Hidden among suburban properties, Pine Avenue Reserve Fenced Dog Park in Mornington is a local secret. Access is easy via Pine Avenue, Pitt Street, Downward Street, or Adelaide Street, where you will need to continue along short paths to one of the park's double gate entries. Plenty of street parking is available along these streets.