Headed for a splash at the beach with your furry mate? Before you head home, consider stopping by one of the most conveniently located DIY dog washes in Mornington — the Pronto DIY Dog Wash. Just a stone's throw away from the coast, it's the ideal place to scrub off that sandy coat and give your pup a refreshing clean.

Not just limited to a doggy pamper station, Pronto also doubles as a car wash. So, while your four-legged friend enjoys a warm water bath, you can spruce up your vehicle too. It's a win-win!

Pronto Hydro DIY dog wash in Mornington

Operational 24/7, Pronto offers a dual bay DIY dog wash in Mornington, ensuring there's always a spot available for your pup. At a reasonable rate of $10 for 10 minutes, the facility accepts coins, cards, and notes. You'll find all the essentials for a thorough wash, from standard shampooing to rinsing, conditioning, flea treatments, and even a blow dry. They also ensure a post-wash disinfectant, making sure your pup is as clean as can be. The dog wash bays are single gated, so you do nee to make sure you dog is on leash when entering and exiting the area.

However, do bear in mind that Pronto is an outdoor setup. So if it's pouring outside, you might want to give this spot a miss. While it's a pretty standard dog wash, it's straightforward and efficient. Eactly what you need when your looking for DIY Dog grooming Mornington. No over-the-top frills, just good, clean fun for your pup.

Location & Visiting

Finding the Pronto DIY Dog Wash in Mornington is a breeze. It's conveniently situated on Pentecost Road, just off the Nepean Highway. If you're familiar with Mornington, you'll recognise the locale as an easy-to-access spot whether you're a local or just passing through. It's also well-equipped with ample parking spaces. So, drive down with your furry pal, secure a spot, and embark on a seamless cleaning spree.