Tucked away in the heart of West Footscray, Martin Reserve Fenced Dog Park is a local favourite. Covering just over 9,500 sq metres, ensuring there's ample space for tail-wagging adventures and leisurely strolls.

What truly sets this fenced dog park apart is its thoughtful design. With a special section dedicated for smaller and quieter dogs, it caters to the diverse needs of the canine community. Boasting extra-high fences and a double-gated entry, it's evident that safety and security are paramount. And with terrains made of compact gravel, grass, bark, and even a sand pit area, there's a bit of something for every pooch.

Dog agility equiptment available at Martin Reserve Fenced Dog Park

Strolling around, you'll appreciate the loop pathway—a perfect setting to allow your canine to follow, exploring the myriad scents wafting from trees and shrubs. While they're busy being inquisitive, take in the natural shade provided by the generous tree canopy—a godsend during those warm Aussie afternoons.

At the park's core, an open area beckons. It's an inviting spot, perfect for mingling and letting your dog socialise with their furry counterparts. You might even stumble upon the community's shared stash of dog toys—lost, found, and ready for a playful round.

Fenced dog park in West Footscray

For those eager to add a sprinkle of agility fun, the park houses some intriguing agility equipment. Weave poles, pause tables, and a few jumps make for a stimulating environment. While it might not be a full-blown dog agility park, it's an excellent introduction for both novice pups and their owners.

But the Martin Reserve isn't just about the physical space. It's the friendly faces—both human and canine—that infuse life into this off-leash park. Settle down in the shaded seating area, strike up a conversation, and relish in the camaraderie that only a community of dog lovers can provide.

Seating areas at Martin Reserve Fenced Dog Park in West Footscray

Fenced Dog Park Amenities

At Martin Reserve Fenced Dog Park, it's not just about the space—it's about the thoughtful amenities that elevate the experience for both you and your canine companion. Here's a breakdown of what the park offers:

  • Extra High Fences: Safety first! These towering boundaries ensure your dog has the freedom to roam without the risk of wandering too far.
  • 2 Double Gate Entries: These dual entries offer added security, ensuring your pet remains safely within the confines of the park, especially during those exciting entry and exit moments.
  • Agility Equipment: Whether you're training your dog or just letting them have a bit of fun, the park boasts agility equipment such as weave poles, pause tables, and jumps. It's a perfect setting for some playful exercise.
  • Dog Water Station: Hydration is key, especially after a good run! The water station allows you to conveniently fill up bottles, ensuring your dog remains refreshed throughout their playtime.
  • Dog Bag Dispenser: Being responsible pet owners, it's always a good practice to clean up after your dog. The park provides bag stations for this very purpose. However, given the park's popularity, it's always wise to have a few of your own bags handy.
  • Plenty of Seating: Relax, socialise, or simply keep an eye on your furry friend. Ample seating to make your visit comfortable.

dog bag station at Martin Reserve Fenced Dog Park

A Bit of History & Culture

Martin Reserve Fenced Dog Park is more than a playground. It's cherished land for the Bunurong of the Kulin Nation. As we enjoy the park, let's respect the Bunurong's deep history and bond with this land.

Location & Visiting

Tucked away in the tranquil back streets of West Footscray. While it's a favoured spot throughout the week, you'll find the park especially buzzing on weekday afternoons, Saturday mornings, and all through Sundays. If you're aiming for a quieter visit or looking to socialise with fellow dog enthusiasts, these are the prime times to note.

By Car: Finding a parking spot is a breeze. Both Essex Street and Blandford Street offer ample parking, making your trip to the park hassle-free.

By Public Transport: If you're travelling with a petite pooch in a suitable animal container, Bus 216 stops conveniently close by. For comprehensive details on travelling with your furry friend on public transport, check out the guidelines on PTV's website.