If you're looking for a fantastic off-leash park in Dromana where you can let your dog run free while enjoying nature, Hillview Community Reserve is the place to be. This park offers a mix of open spaces, shaded spots, and vegetation that your dog will love exploring.

Hillview Community Reserve off-leash area in Dromana

Hillview Community Reserve is not just for dogs; it's an excellent spot for the whole family. Expect to see various wildlife, including birds and the occasional kangaroo. There's also a barbecue and picnic area, and a mountain bike large pump track for those who enjoy a bit of adrenaline.

Dogs can roam off-leash throughout the reserve. However, be mindful of the local wildlife, like ducks and kangaroos, to ensure your dog doesn't disturb them. Also, be cautious of Mountain Bike riders who frequent the park for the famous mountain bike trails.

Off-Leash Walking Path in Dromana Hillview Community Reserve

Off-Leash Amenities at Hillview Community Reserve

While the park doesn't have dog bag dispensers, there are a few other essentials:

  • Bring your own dog bags to keep the park clean.
  • Water taps are available but aren't designed for dogs, so remember to bring water bottles or a travel bowl.

Other Park Amenities:

  • Public toilets are located near the parking area on Boundary Road.
  • BBQs and picnic tables are available for a relaxing day out.
  • Seating areas are scattered throughout the park.
  • Well-maintained walking paths provide a pleasant strolling experience.

Hillview Community Reserve off-picnic area in Dromana

Prepare and stay safe:

  • Be cautious of snakes in the long grass during summer.
  • Stay clear of mountain bike runs and be aware of cyclists.
  • The reserve is off-leash year-round, but remember to share the space respectfully.
  • The reserve backs onto the National Park, which has tracks to Arthurs Seat. However, dogs are not allowed in the National Park on the Mornington Peninsula.

Visiting Hillview Community Reserve

Parking is easy to find on Boundary Road. However, it can get busy on weekends and public holidays due to the popularity of mountain bike riders. The reserve is also conveniently located opposite various small shops, including a few cafes, perfect for grabbing a bite if you didn't pack a picnic.