Tassels Cove Dog Beach in Safety Beach isn’t just another stretch of sand – it’s a slice of canine paradise nestled in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula. Known to be a local favourite, this off-leash dog beach boasts approximately 4,500 sq metres of sandy expanse, extending to a generous length of around 180 meters. Whether your furry friend is in the mood for a lazy sunbathing session or an energetic frolic, there's ample room to suit every whim.

Rottweiler at Tassells Cove Dog Beach Safety Beach

Unique to Tassels Cove, the surrounding cliffs act as a natural barrier, ensuring dogs can freely enjoy the designated area without wandering too far. However, it’s worth noting that the carpark entrance remains unfenced, so keep a close eye as you arrive and depart.

The majority of the beach boasts fine-grained sand, perfect for paw prints, but the far end presents a rocky section that adds a touch of rugged beauty to the landscape. Clear waters and pristine sand charm most visitors. However, like many natural beaches, seaweed sometimes washes ashore at Tassels Cove.

Tassells Cove Dog Beach in Safety Beach

A significant highlight is the shallow water depth, making it a safe haven for both children and dogs to indulge in some splashy fun.

However, a word to the wise – parking can be a tad challenging, especially during peak times. With limited spaces in the primary carpark, you might sometimes find yourself parking a little further afield. And of course, being in Australia, sun safety is paramount. Always ensure both you and your four-legged friend are well-protected from the sun's rays when you're out making beach memories.

Dog playing fetch on Tassells Cove Dog Beach in Safety Beach

Dog Beach Amenities

While Tassels Cove Dog Beach shines in its natural beauty, it's a tad minimalistic when it comes to amenities. Here's a quick rundown of what's on offer:

  • Dog Waste Bins: Being responsible pet owners, we all understand the importance of cleaning up after our pups. Dog waste bins are conveniently located at the entrance, but make sure to bring dog bags with you.
  • Parking: The beach features a small parking area. As mentioned, spaces can fill up quickly during popular times. Arriving early or being prepared to park a little further away might be a wise strategy.

A crucial heads-up for all visitors — there aren't any fresh water fountains available on-site. With our Aussie weather and all the running and playing your dog is bound to engage in, hydration is key. Remember to pack portable water bottles and bowls to ensure your furry friend stays refreshed throughout your beach day.

A Bit of History & Culture

Tassels Cove Dog Beach, beloved by many today, holds deep historical roots with the Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation. They've been connected to the Mornington Peninsula for thousands of years, long before it became a hotspot for dog-lovers. As we enjoy the beach, it's vital to acknowledge and respect its original custodians and the rich tapestry of stories tied to this land.

Location & Visiting

Tassels Cove Dog Beach nestles in Safety Beach, sitting right next to the bustling marina and bordering the scenic Mount Martha. Its ideal spot and immaculate conditions attract many visitors, especially during the vibrant summer holiday season.

Here's a tip: the beach's parking often fills up quickly at peak times. But worry not! You can find more parking spaces down Marina Drive. Plus, this gives you a lovely chance to stroll along the beach, starting your day on a perfect note.