In Melbourne's vibrant suburb of Brunswick, Gilpin Park offers a sprawling 55,000 sqm of lush green space where dogs can freely stretch their legs and play. This destination is not to be missed for those searching for an off-leash dog park experience. Beyond the park's standard on-leash restrictions around playgrounds and BBQ areas, Gilpin Park stands out as a beacon for dog owners due to its fully off-leash status. Yes, that's right – the entire park embraces the off-leash culture!

Within Gilpin Park, you can also discover a dedicated fenced dog park. Spanning around 4,000 square meters, this compact yet fully enclosed dog park may not flaunt the lush greenery seen in the rest of the park. Due to its popularity, the grass here has yielded to patches of dirt, but the fenced area proves an excellent choice for those seeking added security, particularly if their dog's recall skills could use some improvement.

Gilpin Park Fenced Dog Park in Brunswick

This fenced dog park in Brunswick is a vibrant gathering place where residents and their furry companions convene to celebrate their shared adoration for dogs. The park is known for its friendly visitors, both human and animal. Regular guests can attest to the welcoming atmosphere. The presence of double-gated entrances ensures the safety of spirited pups. The park offers a considerate separation for smaller and quieter dogs, although this section is relatively petite.

Amidst the energetic barks and playful chases, visitors will appreciate the park's abundant trees, providing a refreshing natural shade. Whether you're watching your dog make new friends or resting after a lively game of fetch, the shaded seating areas prove ideal.

Dogs playing at Gilpin Park Fenced Dog Park in Brunswick

Dog Park Amenities

Gilpin Park is equipped with a range of thoughtful amenities tailored to the canine community, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both dogs and their owners.

Off-leash and Fenced Dog Park Area

  • Double Gate Entry: The park boasts two double-gated entries.
  • Dog Water Station: A dedicated dog water station is available, perfect for filling up your bottle and keeping your furry friend hydrated during playtime.
  • Dog Bag Dispensers: Positioned conveniently at the entry, dispensers are on hand for those unexpected moments. However, a word to the wise—they can sometimes run empty. As a responsible pet owner, it's always best practice to bring your own dog bags just in case.
  • Plenty of Seating: Whether you're in the mood for a chat with fellow dog parents or want to relax and watch your dog play, plenty of seating is scattered throughout the park.

Dog water station at Gilpin Park in Brunswick

Facilities Outside the Off-Leash Area

  • Public Toilets: For our human visitors, public toilets are located just outside the fenced dog area, accessible via Albert Street. A small trek that ensures you're comfortable during your park visit.
  • Public Picnic Shelters and BBQs: Ideal for family gatherings or a day out with friends.
  • Children's Playground: A fun area for kids to play, ensuring a family-friendly environment for all visitors.

Location & Visiting

Located in the lively suburbs of Brunswick and brushing the edges of Brunswick West. Gilpin Park sees many visitors throughout the week, but it's particularly bustling on weekday afternoons, Saturday mornings, and Sundays.

For those driving in, ample street parking can be found on both Albert Street and Pearson Street. If you're considering public transport and are accompanied by a small dog, Bus 506 stops close by. Remember, small dogs in a suitable animal container are welcome on public transport. For specific guidelines on travelling with your furry friend on public transport, visit the PTV website.