Tucked away in the vibrant neighbourhood of Brunswick, and nudging its borders with Brunswick West. A G Gillon Oval stands out as a favoured destination for both sport enthusiasts and dog lovers alike. Spanning an impressive 22,000 sq meters, this dog off-leash park in Brunswick offers ample space for your furry friends to stretch their legs, run wild, and socialise.

Woman walking her dog at A G Gillon Oval

But it's not just the expanse that draws local residents; it's the palpable sense of community. The friendly nature of fellow park-goers ensures that every visit is accompanied by a friendly nod, a casual chat, or a shared laugh. Beyond the camaraderie, what truly accentuates this locale's charm is its meticulous maintenance. The parkland is not only expansive but also impeccably clean and well-maintained, reflecting the pride and care of its community.

Though A G Gillon Oval doubles as a sporting ground, dog owners can delight in the freedom of an off-leash experience when there aren't any matches in progress. However, it's crucial to remember a few rules for a harmonious park experience. While dogs can roam free within designated zones, they must be on a leash when meandering on the shared pathways. Also, during sporting events, our four-legged buddies need to maintain their distance from the oval to ensure everyone's safety.

Brunswick off leash park area at A G Gillon Oval

Off-Leash Park Amenities

Every great park pays attention to the finer details, and A G Gillon Oval dog off-leash park in Brunswick is no exception. Tailored to cater to both the dog-loving community and families of Brunswick, here's what you can expect in terms of amenities:

  • 1. Dog Water Station: Stay hydrated! There's a dedicated water station for dogs, making it easy for you to fill up your pup's water bottle during those sunnier days or after an energetic play session.
  • 2. Dog Bag Dispenser: While there's a handy dog bag dispenser right at the entry, it's worth noting that sometimes it might run empty. For those just-in-case moments, carrying your own dog bags is always the best practice.
  • 3. Seating Galore: Whether you're keen on a leisurely afternoon watching your dog play or simply wish to soak in the surroundings, there's plenty of seating available for a comfortable park experience.

dog water fountain at at A G Gillon Oval off leash park in Brunswick

The park also offers amenities where dogs mus be on lead

  • Kids Playground: Perfect for families, the kids' playground offers a space for the little ones to have their share of fun while the dogs have theirs.
  • BBQ: Fancy a weekend cookout? The BBQ station is ready for those impromptu picnics or planned gatherings, ensuring your day out is both fun-filled and flavourful.

A Bit of History & Culture

The Wurundjeri Woi-Wurrung people once revered the land that A G Gillon Oval now occupies as sacred ground. Their profound legacy still thrives in the soil and spirit of the place. With every trip to the oval, visitors subtly engage with this rich heritage, paying respect to the indigenous community that nurtured and held this land in high esteem for countless generations.

Location & Visiting

If you're craving some tranquillity amidst your busy schedule, a weekday visit to A G Gillon Oval is perfect, as it's generally quieter than the bustling weekends. For those bringing along their furry companions, remember, if a game is in play on the oval, dogs need to stay on lead to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment.

Driving over? There's a dedicated parking area just off Pearson Street, and additional street parking can be found on Hope Street. And if you're considering public transport, the Bus 509, which stops nearby, allows small dogs in suitable containers. For more guidelines on travelling with your canine buddy on public transport, you can refer to the PTV website. Whatever your mode of transport, A G Gillon Oval awaits with its lush spaces and community spirit.