Have you ever wondered what it's like to let your dog run free on a racecourse? Caulfield Racecourse Reserve fenced dog park in Caulfield offers just that and more, right in the heart of Melbourne. Inside the racecourse, there's a fenced area where dogs can dash around off-leash across about 10,000 square meters. It's got everything you need for a fuss-free outing with your furry mate, including water stations for dogs and bags for cleaning up. Although the area is fenced, it's important to note escape artists may find some gates easy to get out from.

Fenced dog park in Caulfield Racecourse Reserve

Just outside the fenced zone, the space opens up to a beautiful area with a lake and plenty of green grass. It's perfect for a leisurely walk with your dog on a lead, enjoying a picnic, having a BBQ, or just chilling by the lake.

Walking around the lake with dogs at Caulfield Racecourse Reserve

And if you're into checking out local markets, you're in luck. On the first Sunday of every month, the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve hosts a dog-friendly Caulfield Community Market. You'll find fresh produce, handmade goods, and tasty snacks, making it a fantastic spot to explore with your dog by your side.

Just remember, the reserve is closed on race days, so always have a quick look before you head out. If it happens to be race day, no worries! 'The Wedge', another fenced dog park in Caulfield East

Dog Park Amenities at Caulfield Racecourse Reserve

Caulfield Racecourse Reserve combines the joy of dog playtime with the amenities needed for a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

Dog-Friendly Amenities:

  • Dog Water Stations: Strategically placed so your furry friend can stay hydrated after running around or during a walk.
  • Dog Bag Dispensers: Handy for keeping the park clean for everyone, but carrying a few extra bags is always a good idea to ensure you're prepared.

General Park Amenities:

  • BBQs and Picnic Areas: The reserve offers BBQs and picnic spots, ideal for a sunny day out.
  • Seating Areas: All around the lake, you'll find plenty of seating.

Dog Park Amenities such as Water Stations and Dog Bags at Racecourse Reserve

A Bit of History & Culture

Caulfield Racecourse Reserve stands on land traditionally owned by the Bunurong people. Locals love calling it "The Heath." Since 1859, this spot has been at the heart of Melbourne's horse racing. It started as a bush track for the Melbourne Hunt Club. Then, it turned into one of the city's top racing tracks, thanks to the Melbourne Racing Club. The place transformed when they built a racecourse where the club's dog kennels used to be. This big change helped start the Victoria Amateur Turf Club in 1876 and kick off the first Caulfield Cup race in 1879. Now, Caulfield Racecourse Reserve is more than a racing landmark. It's a community spot where dogs and their owners can have fun together.

Location & Visiting Caulfield Racecourse Reserve

The reserve welcomes visitors daily from 9:45 am to 9:00 pm, offering plenty of time for both early risers and those who prefer an evening stroll. However, it's important to note that access is restricted on race days and during certain events. To avoid disappointment, a quick check on the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve events page is recommended before you head out. If your visit coincides with a closed day, 'The Wedge' at Pawfield Dog Park nearby offers a fantastic alternative for some off-leash fun.

Parking is conveniently available in the center of the racecourse, adjacent to the dog park. Enter via the Glen Eira Road entrance, at the corner of Kambrook Road, which is easily accessible and well-signposted. Alternatively, use the Guineas Tunnel entrance (Gate 21). A walking tunnel takes you under the track and into the reserve.