Are you constantly on the lookout for safe, fenced dog parks where your four-legged friend can play off-leash? Nestled within the quiet Melbourne inner suburb of Caulfield East, lies the delightful, fenced haven Pawfield Park. Also referred to by locals as Caulfield Wedge Dog Park, it has earned its reputation as the quintessential locale for dog enthusiasts seeking a secure, enjoyable space for their pets.

Small dog area section at Pawfield Park

At a first glance, its modest size might not strike an impression, but herein lies its charm. Spreading across a neat 3300sqm, this intimate park provides an ideal landscape for comprehensive canine training. With a terrain predominantly of compact gravel sprinkled with patches of grass, it creates the perfect stage to introduce your furry friend to a new skill set, or simply refine their existing ones.

Understanding that dogs, much like humans, have diverse personalities and comfort zones, the park has thoughtfully designated a special section exclusively for smaller breeds. This ensures that your little furball can play, prance, and possibly even make a new friend or two without the overwhelming presence of their larger dogs. This distinct feature not only keeps smaller dogs safe but actively promotes a conducive environment for them to socialize and gain confidence.

Pawfield Park Fenced Dog Park agility area

Beyond the confines of the park, Caulfield offers more for the adventurous duo. Take a leisurely stroll to the picturesque Caulfield Racecourse reserve. As you saunter by the pristine lake walk trail, it's an opportunity to soak in the serenity, with your loyal dog by your side.

Caulfield Dog Park Amenities

Pawfield Park sets itself apart from dog parks in the area with its agility equipment. The park offers a dog agility course that includes weave poles, bar jumps, a dog-walk ramp, and an open tunnel. These elements, while designed with simplicity in mind, pack in a world of entertainment. They challenge your furry companion in a variety of ways, ensuring both mental stimulation and physical exertion. Engaging in these activities not only promises a fulfilled pup but also strengthens the bond between the two of you, making each play session more memorable.

Pawfield Dog Park Weave Poles

As your dog enjoys its mini-adventures, relax in the park's seating. Chairs sit under mature trees' cool shade. From here, watch, enjoy, or relax as your pet plays.

The Glen Eira council is diligent in catering to pet owners. They regularly stock dog bags and have a handy water station to ensure your pet's primary needs are met. However, on the off chance the dog bags run low, it's alwasy best practice to carry your own. Also, just a heads-up: while essentials are provided within the park, the disposal bins are situated just outside the fence. A small thing to remember for a smooth park visit.

Location & Visiting

Located right next to the Caulfield Racecourse, be aware that parking might be a challenge on race days. However, some parking is available next to the park, accessible via the roundabout, with limited street parking available on Booran Rd.

For those relying on public transport, small dogs in a suitable animal container can ride on Bus routes 623 and 624, with a short walk to the park from the bus stop. check out Public Transport Victoria for more details.

Pawfield Park can get busy on weekends and weekday afternoons, so plan accordingly.