Nestled in the bustling suburb of St Kilda East, Alma Park West is a spacious and beautiful off-leash park for your four-legged friends. Approximately 57,000 square meters, this dog park provides a sanctuary of outdoor enjoyment for both you and your pet.

Stepping into Alma Park's off-leash area, you're welcomed by serene scenery and well-maintained landscapes. A flat, 0.7 km loop trail beckons for leisurely or brisk walks with your furry friend. Along the way, you'll spot cozy benches, perfect for taking a breather. Mature trees provide a canopy of refreshing shade, making the park a go-to escape even on sizzling summer days.

A group of dogs having fun at the Alma Park West off-leash area

One of the standout features of Alma Park West is its completely off-leash status. The park's generous size lets dogs roam freely, even though it's unfenced. Just keep an eye out: Dandenong Rd and Alma Rd, two busy streets, border the park. However, the park's expansive size allows you to navigate away from these areas, especially important if your dog's recall isn't foolproof yet.

Despite its popularity with dog owners, the vast expanse of Alma Park West ensures it never feels too crowded. Whether you're up for an energetic play session with your furry friend or a peaceful moment of solitude in nature, this park has you covered.

Off-Leash Park Amenities at Alma Park

Alma Park West offers a range of amenities tailored for both off-leash fun with your dog and a pleasant outing for yourself.

  • Dog Water Fountains: Easily accessible for topping up your dog’s water, ensuring they stay well-hydrated during play.
  • Scattered Seating: Ample areas to sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your dog at play.

Amenities outside Off-Leas Areas

  • Public Toilets: Conveniently located near park entrances and by the playground in Alma Park East.
  • Nearby Picnic Facilities: In Alma Park East, with a playground and BBQ areas.
  • Children's Playground: A fun area for kids to play, ensuring a family-friendly environment for all visitors.

Couple playing with fetch with their 4 legged friend at Alma Park off leash area.

History & Culture

When you visit Alma Park, it's important to acknowledge that this land belongs to the Boonwurrung people, part of the Kulin Nation. Take a moment to respect their deep-rooted history and enduring connection to this land.

Established in August 1868 as crown land, Alma Park catered to the needs of East St Kilda residents. It initially went by the name East St Kilda Recreation Reserve and served various roles, from a loam deposit site to a grazing ground for animals. The Sandringham railway line split the park in two back in 1859.

The park owes its design to Clement Hodgkinson, a renowned landscape architect who had previously crafted Melbourne's Treasury Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, and Flagstaff Gardens. He later designed St Vincent Gardens in Albert Park.

Location & Visting

Situated in the charming neighbourhood of St Kilda East. Alma Park West enjoys a prime location on the border of Windsor and St Kilda, making it easily accessible for local residents and visitors alike.

Knowing the busiest times can help you plan your visit. On weekdays, the park tends to attract most visitors from 4pm to 7pm. Saturdays are busy from 12pm to 3pm, while Sundays get busy from 10am to 1pm and again from 2pm to 5pm.

In terms of parking, availability can be a bit of a challenge due to the park's size and popularity. Your best bet is to look for a spot on Alma Road or the surrounding back streets. Please remember to park responsibly and respect local parking regulations. With a bit of luck and the right timing, you should be able to find a spot to park your car and start your fun-filled day at Alma Park West.