Ever craved a bagel so good you'd dream about it? Welcome to Blencowes Milk Bar. This dog-friendly cafe in Balaclava isn't just for humans—your four-legged mates are welcome, too.

Blencowes Milk Bar offers a friendly and unpretentious vibe. It's a place where you feel at home. The dog-friendly side courtyard is covered with heating, and though you might hear a train pass by occasionally, it's a peaceful and chilled spot. The service here is spot-on. The staff are welcoming and quick, always ensuring you feel at home. They're friendly and attentive, even on busy mornings.

Covered outdoor courtyard at Blencowes Kitchen in Balaclava

The bagels are the star of the show, but you'll also find a great selection of brunch classics. Everything is prepared with care, making sure your taste buds are happy. Blencowes Milk Bar also shines with its drinks. The locally loved coffee is fantastic, and a large selection of juices, smoothies and teas are available.

A Closer Look at the Menu at Blencowes Milk Bar

Blencowes Milk Bar in Balaclava offers a food menu that's both delightful and diverse, perfect for satisfying any brunch craving. Here's a closer look at what makes their menu stand out:

The Food

They carefully prepare and beautifully present each dish, from standout bagels to various breakfast classics. They serve generous portions, ensuring you feel satisfied whether you enjoy a simple avo toast or a hearty Super Greens Bowl. Plus, plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options cater to all dietary preferences.

The Mushroom Special is a must-try. This dish features thyme-roasted field mushrooms, roasted red peppers, goat curd, and rocket on sourdough toast. It's topped with sumac, seeds, walnuts, and a balsamic glaze, making it delicious and visually stunning.

Mushroom special at Blencowes Milk Bar in Balaclava

For flavourful scrambled eggs, try the Chorizo Chilli Scramble Egg. It comes with homemade free-range Canadian Hickory Chorizo and house-made chilli paste on sourdough, topped with spring onion and crispy shallots. This dish perfectly balances spice and savoury notes, making it a crowd favourite.

The Drinks

Blencowes Milk Bar in Balaclava offers a fantastic selection of drinks to complement its delicious food menu. Whether you're after a refreshing juice, a nutritious smoothie, or a perfectly brewed coffee, there's something for everyone.

Coffee enthusiasts will love the Wild Timor Coffee, made from wild-grown and organic beans sourced from Timor Leste. This single-origin Arabica bean offers a bold flavour with hints of caramelised toffee and cacao. Skilled baristas craft each cup to perfection, ensuring you get the best brew every time. If you're in the mood for tea, Blencowes Milk Bar has various options.

Coffee at Blencowes Kitchen in Balaclava

The Superfood Blend Smoothies are a must-try for a healthy and delicious boost. With options like the Organic Acai and Green Green smoothies, each blend is packed with nutritious ingredients to energise you throughout the day. These smoothies are healthy and incredibly tasty, making them a favourite among regulars. Blencowes Milk Bar also offers an impressive range of fresh juices. From the refreshing Pink Lady to the earthy Heart Beet, there's juice for every palate. You can even create your own juice combination, ensuring you get what you crave.

Location and Visiting Blencowes Milk Bar

Blencowes Milk Bar is hidden next to a bridge along Inkerman Street in Balaclava. Bookings aren’t required, and it’s open seven days a week. If you’re bringing your dog, the entrance is on the right-hand side, leading into the courtyard. Weekends can get busy around 10 to 12, but plenty of street parking is available.