In Southbank, finding a dog park in Melbourne where your dog can run off-leash can be challenging. Fortunately, Moray Street Reserve Fenced Dog Park, nestled under Kings Way, offers a unique and convenient option close to home. This small fenced dog park, with its compact gravel surface and a range of amenities, provides a handy play space for urban pups.

The park covers 400 square meters and is compact but packs in the essential amenities. However, don't expect a peaceful, serene day out—being under Kings Way means urban sounds surround you. The park's drainage isn't the best, so you'll encounter flooded areas after rain.

Moray Street Reserve Fenced Dog Park

The surface is compact gravel, a good choice for a small space where grass wouldn't survive long. One unique advantage of being under the overpass is visiting the park even when it's raining and staying dry while your dog plays.

Amenities at Moray Street Reserve Dog Park

Despite its size, Moray Street Reserve includes several key features to make your visit enjoyable:

  • Drinking fountain: Keep your pup hydrated during playtime.
  • Obstacle and sniffing areas: Engage your dog with fun obstacles and sniffing spots.
  • Double gate entry: Ensures a secure entrance and exit.
  • Dog bag dispensers: Conveniently located to help keep the park clean.
  • Dog water fountains: Additional water sources to keep dogs refreshed.
  • Seating:  For you to relax while your dog enjoys the park.

Double gate entry Southbank Fenced Dog Park

Visiting Moray Street Reserve Fenced Dog Park

Parking on Moray Street and surrounding streets is your best bet. However, if you're not a local and need to drive, consider heading to Fawkner Park instead. Fawkner Park offers beautiful off-leash areas with paths and grassy open spaces, providing a more expansive and serene environment for you and your dog.