Strolling through Carlton with your dog and on the lookout for a spot where they can zoom around without a leash? Check out Curtain Square Fenced Dog Park. It's got about 920 square meters of space, shaped like an L. Although small in size, the L-shaped layout allows for plenty of room for your dog to stretch their legs or chase after a ball. However, you may want to avoid peak times or try a larger park if your dog prefers to avoid the crowds.

The ground's covered in gravel, which is great for dodging the usual soggy grass mess, though it might get a bit dusty when it's dry. The vibe here is pretty straightforward – no fancy obstacles or equipment, just a neat open area for dogs to do their thing. For the humans, there are some benches nicely placed under trees for shade. These are prime spots for keeping an eye on your pooch as they run around making friends

Curtain Square fenced dog park in Carlton North

The atmosphere here is super chill. It's the kind of place where a simple tail wag can kick off a chat, leading to plans for another dog meet-up. Both the dog owners and their furry buddies help make this park a friendly and welcoming spot.

Dog Park Amenities at Curtain Square

Curtain Square Fenced Dog Park is equipped with everything you and your dog need for a fun, secure outing:

Fenced Dog Park

  • Fenced Area: The whole park is fenced. This means dogs run free in a secure area.
  • Dog Bag Dispensers: There are bag dispensers around the park for cleaning up after your dog. They're usually full, but bringing extra bags is a good idea just in case.
  • Water Stations: Thirsty dogs have no worries here. There are water stations throughout the park to keep them hydrated during play.
  • Shaded Seats: There’s shaded seating for humans. This keeps you cool and comfy while watching over your dog.

Curtain Square dog water station

Leashed Areas

  • Public Toilets: Conveniently located in Curtain Square off Newry Street.

Location & Visiting Curtain Square

This dog-friendly park is tucked away in Curtain Square at the intersection of Curtain St and Canning St in Carlton North. It’s a popular spot, especially during the late afternoons around 6pm on weekdays. Weekends see a steady flow of visitors, with early noon often marking the busiest time.

Ample street parking available around the entirety of Curtain Square. If you're using public transport, bus routes 250 and 251 stop right in front of Curtain Square on Rathdowne Street, making it convenient for those traveling with small dogs in suitable carriers. For specifics on bringing your dog along on public transport, check out the guidelines at Public Transport Victoria.