The game's on the big screen, you've got a cold beer in hand, and your furry best mate is sitting right beside you—sounds like a pretty good arvo, doesn't it? This is just another day at the Great Northern Hotel in Carlton, where the love for good sports, great beer, and four-legged friends converges. Renowned as a dog-friendly pub, this Carlton hotspot offers more than just a place to quench your thirst; it's a community hub where everyone, including your pooch, is welcome.

With its blend of old-fashioned pub charm and a relaxed, welcoming vibe, the Great Northern Hotel strikes the perfect balance between a sports lover's local and a dog owner's retreat. A spacious beer garden with covered areas, reasonably priced grub and the extensive selection of beers on tap, this Melbourne dog-friendly pub has all the makings of a top-notch outing. Whether you're there to catch the footy, soccer, or rugby, or simply to enjoy a casual yarn with mates, the Great Northern Hotel has you covered.

The Great Northern Hotel doesn't just tolerate dogs; it celebrates them. With an Instagram page dedicated to its canine guests (Dogs of GNH), and even a room adorned with a photo wall shrine honouring the friendly local dogs that frequent this establishment, it's clear that here, dogs are not just pets; they're part of the family.

Tasty Eats and Sips at Great Northern Hotel

When you step into the Great Northern Hotel, you're stepping into a realm where classic pub food isn't just served; it's celebrated. Great beer poured with care? Check. Chicken Parma that hits just the right spot? Check. Golden, crispy fish and chips? Double-check. This Carlton gem has mastered the art of delivering a quintessential pub experience, making it clear they know their way around both the bar and the kitchen.

Great Northern Hotel dog-friendly beer garden

Classic Pub Grub Done Right

At the heart of their menu, you'll find all the pub food favourites you've come to love and crave. The Chicken Parmigiana is a standout, with just the right amount of crisp and topped with that rich, tomatoey goodness and a generous layer of melted cheese. But the Great Northern doesn't stop there. Whether you're biting into a juicy Steak Sandwich, tackling a plate of Buffalo Wings, or savouring the simplicity of a juicy Steak and Chips, each dish is a reminder of why we flock to pubs for comfort food. It's about more than just filling up; it's about satisfying the soul.

Cheers to Great Beers

Now, what's a hearty meal without the perfect drink to wash it down? The Great Northern Hotel shines just as brightly when it comes to their beverages. Cold beer, poured well. Their selection is a beer lover's dream, boasting over 20 taps that feature a mix of local and international craft beers, along with some mainstream favourites for those who like sticking to their staples.

The pub also offers a variety of good quality house spirits, a selection of top-shelf options for the connoisseurs, and a decent house wine that promises to pleasantly surprise.

Location and Visiting Great Northern Hotel

Given its status as a beloved favourite among Carlton locals and visitors alike, it's no surprise that it can get quite bustling, especially on weekends and during popular sporting events. Making a booking is a smart move to ensure you've got your spot secured amidst the fun.

Dog-friendly seating is available along foot path in front of the bar. To access the dog-friendly courtyard, use the entrance on Pigdon Street. Street parking is available around the pub.