Tucked into the heart of Toorak lies the Botanic Cafe, a dog friendly cafe where the twinkle of sunlight dances through lush foliage to create a magical space where pooches and their people can come together. Here, every meal is an event. With its serene ambience and the gentle buzz of chatter, this hidden gem offers a delightful respite from the bustling streets.

Ever been to a brunch spot with your furry friend only to be nudged outside? That won't happen here. Boasting a chic, dog-friendly indoor courtyard, it's a place that understands the bond between dogs and their humans. This courtyard is a climate chameleon, fitting for any weather Melbourne wants to throw at you. And while there’s no special doggie menu, a sneaky treat or two from home ensures they’re part of the brunch party. No drool-filled stares, just wagging tails!

Dog enjoying the indoor dog friendly courtyard at Botanic Cafe, Toorak

Upon entering this dog friendly cafe, the ambiance wraps you in a warm embrace. The decor, a mix of modern chic and timeless elegance, is punctuated with the vibrant splash of flowers and the refreshing hue of green plants. It’s not just a meal; it’s an aesthetic experience. Your Instagram followers are in for a treat.

While the surroundings will captivate you, the impeccable service and warm hospitality of the staff will make you a regular. It's evident that the crew at Botanic Cafe isn't just in the business of serving food; they're in the business of creating memories.

Chai Latte Brewing at the Botanic Cafe, Toorak

And then, there’s the food and drink. Ah, where to start?

But what's brunch without that quintessential cuppa? Whether you're into your classic brew, a tantalising turmeric latte, or even a beetroot one, they've got it all. And if you fancy elevating your brunch a notch, their cheeky cocktail selection will certainly tickle your fancy. Each dish and drink at the Botanic Cafe is a culinary artwork. Vibrant, thoughtfully presented, and, oh-so-instagrammable. Don't leave without trying the Prawn and chilli scramble. It’s not just a treat for the eyes but an explosion of flavours that dances on the palate.

And for the cherry on top, their assortment of meticulously designed cakes will make you believe in love at first bite.

Botanic Cafe Prawn & Chilli Scrabled Eggs

Visiting & Location

Situated as part of the Toorak Place complex on Toorak Rd, finding this dog friendly cafe might feel like uncovering a hidden treasure. For a smooth entry, head over from Jackson Street, climb a flight of stairs, and voilà! If driving, street parking is available around the complex building. Alternatively, there’s a paid parking area right next door.

For those without wheels and a pocket-sized pup in tow, the Tram 58 and bus 605 practically drop you at the cafe's doorstep. Just ensure Fido's travel-ready in a suitable container. Visit Public Transport Vicroria Website about how to travel with pets.

And if after all the food and chatter, your dog gets the zoomies, Thomas Oval Fenced Dog Park is a mere hop, skip, and jump away. Perfect for a bit of off-leash frolicking.