Embark on a unique bar-crawling adventure in St Kilda, designed exclusively for dog lovers, owners, and their friendly pooches. This special event takes participants through three paw-some, dog-friendly bars in St Kilda, culminating in a relaxing finish at St Kilda West's off-lead dog beach. With a total walking distance of 1.7 km, it's a perfect blend of leisure and excitement, set against St Kilda's vibrant atmosphere.

The Puppy Pub Crawl Experience:

  • Socialise with Fellow Dog Owners: Share stories and enjoy a relaxing time in a community of dog lovers.
  • Discover Dog-Friendly Venues: Each stop is carefully selected for its welcoming atmosphere for dogs and their owners.
  • Treats for Your Pup: Your dog will be in for a treat, from doggie martinis to gourmet tacos.

St Kilda Dog-Friendly Pub Crawl Itinerary:

Kick-off at Chez Misty

In St Kilda's heart, Chez Misty awaits. This spot delights with fine wines, beers, and French creperies. Dogs get special martinis, doggie martinis (chicken broth, carrot, apple & coconut milk) and dog crepes (with turkey mince and spinach filling), so healthy for the dogs. Humans can make the most of happy hour cocktails.

Next, Ellora

A 900m walk brings you to Ellora. A cocktail bar located at the iconic St Kilda waterfront. With excellent undercover outdoor seating, both humans and their doggos can unwind at this venue. Ellora St Kilda is offering special prices for the group: $8 pints, $8 spirits, $6 wines, $12 selected cocktails, and $15 pizzas. The chef will also prepare homemade treats for puppy pub crawl doggos.

Finish at West Beach Pavilion

The crawl ends with a 750m walk to West Beach Bathers Pavilion. There, you can enjoy a sea view while having your drinks undercover. The group will be served flatbread with hummus to share while enjoying a drink. Dogs are free to play on the off-lead beach, making it a perfect end to the day.

Creating Unforgettable Dog Memories

The St Kilda Puppy Pub Crawl is more than just an outing; it's an opportunity for attendees to create lasting memories with their beloved pets. This event not only celebrates the joy of companionship but also introduces participants to the welcoming, dog-friendly pubs of St Kilda. Each stop is carefully chosen for its unique offerings and hospitality, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Whether sipping on a cocktail, enjoying a leisurely walk, or playing on the beach, this pub crawl promises a delightful afternoon.

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