This May, Melbourne's vibrant Fed Square is set to burst with even more colour as the highly-anticipated Buddha's Day and Multicultural Festival returns. Over three thrilling days, this festival will immerse you in a unique blend of arts, music, and multicultural performances, offering a captivating celebration of both traditional and contemporary cultures right in the heart of the city.

Opening Night Highlights

The 'Light It Up' opening ceremony starts at 6:30 PM on Friday. It features cultural performances from the dynamic Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne and the formidable martial artists of Hung Gar Yau Shu. The harmonious tunes of the National Boys Choir will also contribute to the spiritual atmosphere alongside traditional Buddhist ceremonies and speeches from esteemed guest speakers. The evening will culminate with a spectacular fireworks display, lighting the Melbourne sky. For those with pets sensitive to loud noises, it may be best to enjoy the earlier performances and skip the fireworks.

Activities Throughout the Weekend

Over the weekend, Fed Square transforms into a hub of activities suitable for all ages. Visitors can seek tranquillity in the Mindfulness Forest through guided meditation sessions or explore the peaceful Lotus Flower Sanctuary. Engaging in the act of bathing the Buddha at the serene Lumbini Garden symbolises a fresh start and personal peace.

For our young visitors, there's a world of fun waiting! From learning the energetic art of dragon dancing to engaging in face painting and chasing giant bubbles, there's something for every child. The main stage will be alive with performances from Victoria's best multicultural groups. Dance workshops will invite attendees of all ages to learn new moves.

Bringing Dogs to Fed Square

Fed Square is a testament to Melbourne's inclusive spirit, welcoming everyone to its public spaces. This inclusivity extends to our furry family members, too! Dogs are welcome to join the fun, provided they are on a lead. This open invitation ensures that all outdoor spaces and events at the Square embrace the whole family, paws and all.